Sunday, March 2, 2008

Preview Magazine March 2008 Plus Random Thoughts

preview march 08
Preview March 08

March magazines are here...and first up is...Preview! Have you seen the latest issue of Preview? Mmmkay, here I go Preview crazy again. But as Rey of said about his love for Teen Vogue, this site is not some sort of Preview shrine and I, too, just happened to talk about/feature it a lot. Well, Anne Curtis again on the cover..honestly I was quite expecting some change youknow. For the past x issues they've featured nothing but celebrities. It's not a bad thing though (the covers are nice in all fairness), but, i hope they give the models their cover spot light too, right?? I want to see Ria B. on the cover or, Cinthia, or Ana Sideco ( BTW they've featured her in their editorials for like 3-4 consecutive issues so isn't it just time already for a cover? And mind you she's amazing). But this issue is, as always, really good. Job well done again!

I read somewhere in this issue that fashion director Giselle Go is leaving for Singapore to be its Harper BAZAAR's next ed-in-chief. Wow, that's great news actually, but, I wonder how they feel about that. Anyway, there's a lot of girl stuff inside, you know make up and all (But i'd check back later for an idea or two for the next shoots we will have. Bea, Kervin are you reading this?? Let's do it soon!) so i skipped it and flipped straight to their editorials. Surprise surprise surpsrise! It's so good. I'd put a preview pic or two but it's up to you too see the whole thing! The "amazing" feeling is down by now (but would go up again in a few hours, that is if there's IMAGINE na. hmmm).

Also, they featured the "Blogs You Should be Reading" and included on the list is my personal favorite--Cecile Van Straten's Chuvaness! I love her (and her blog). But i checked again, once, twice, and asked, hey where's Bryanboy?? Hmmm. He's a legit fashion/style blogger naman and i think he deserves a spot. Could it be because of his comments about Jen-Feb 08's editorials? That they are "Jil Sander Much"? Haha Maybe yes maybe not. But as far as i know, in the magazine publishing industry, issues are made several months before production/release. Like they make it and finish it 2 months ahead. So if my guess is correct, they made this issue in December (look on page 104 and look at Chuvanesss blog's pic--December right?). Bryanboy's comment was posted on January 29th of 2008. Do the math. Sometimes, I kindof wish that they (BB and Preview) collaborate. I wonder what would they come up? Exciting!
And ok. Just for the sake of saying this, i don't think the "Print a Porter" ed is "copied" or "inspired" by/from the "Prints and the Revolution" ed by V Magazine. Both magazines were released on the same month and basing on my magazine production theories, the Jan-Feb issue was made probably not later than November.) But that Balenciaga look alike dress? And that super direct "inspiration" form Jil Sander? Hmmm that's something they should explain, really. You see, they always feature local designers, which is good, but i hope they would also feature clothes from international houses, you know, the real thing. They feature every now and then yes, but it's some sort of advertorial ed no? If it's just LV then the whole ed is just LV. (And I say to those who say a lot of bad stuff about Preview, kayo kaya gumawa? *evil laugh* Magazine publishing isn't as easy as it looks like.)
Ohyeah, what a long post. There's so much said but at the end of the day, Preview is still the 'apple of my eye'. Hahaha!

BTW, can you guess which Spring 08 show the cover was inspired from? hihihi

PS--I don't have the time (and money) to buy all art, fashion, tech and design magazines and do a review of every issue, but, i'd try to post as many mag covers as I can and feature/review one if possible. I love magazines eh! lol Next up is IMAGINE Summer issue and T3 March. I'd go to the bookstore, now na. And if you want to contribute or feature another magazine here (foreign local whatever) just email me, i'd love to.

Here are some sneak peeks:

Preview March 08

[01] Wild Child, Preview March 2008 / Photography: Paolo Pineda
[02] In Her High Court, Preview March 2008 / Photography: Ronnie Salvacion


  1. yay thanks for the tip! i'm getting an issue now

  2. Hilarious entry!

    Girl, you know me. I'm not meant for the flips!

  3. cvs-yes! i just hope it was longer, like a main feature. maybe in future issues?

    bryanboy- haha! if they asked you to be in their cover ala andre of vogue paris, would you say yes? that'd be so interesting--but not so original. but still!