Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Trip to the North!


My department (AUP Fine Arts department) had an ArtTra--aka Art & Travel aka Trip! (Feb. 22-24 2008) This trip was organized last minute and I got ready on short notice but all in all it was a fun trip! Actually, last minute packing works for me because i tend to organize it much better--first things first. If I have all day to pack, i might bring the whole house and the whole closet but just use 1/3 of what i brought--I'm a heavy packer! Along with a hefty baggage comes peace of mind--i guess. But with fast-packing, i get it without the excess weight.

About the trip, it was sort of a bummer because our destinations/stops are located far from each other, so much of out travel time is on the road. In Vigan, It so felt like Amazing race--we were like give 15 or so minutes to savor and feel and saok up in the culture art and views (and buys). 15 (or so) freakin minutes! I must really visit back that place again. I hurried and got of the coaster as fast as i could to make the most of my time there. But when I stopped by a shop to buy something, i realized i didn't have my wallet! Dang! Tada! I had to "make utang" so i could get something. Good thing was when we got back, the coaster had a little problem so we (along with other last minute shoppers) took the time to buy. I didn't buy much because i don't get the best finds and deals in such situations. Ohlah..i should visit that place again. The Vigan place we went was just the tip of the Norther Philippine iceberg--they say. There's so much more in Batac and Chavit's Baluarte and so on..

And oh, Baguio? Well it was so freezing cold there and all I had was a small 2.5 feet piece of cloth. I had a (thick naman) scarf and it's my only protection against Baguio's freakezing cold weather. But i love it! I'd be back there in April, yay!
As with the other details, I don't have much to say about the trip--let the pictures tell the story. We just went to San Andres in Candon, Ilocos Sur>Paoay>Vigan>Baguio. But if i have three words to sum it all up it would be these words--Fast, Foto-happy and Fun!

Some old photographs on one store (not for sale I guess)

Interesting stuff..

Vigan store

Vigan-mad (i guess) bags-woven and native

My Baguio/Vigan loot. Cute no? Hehe I wanted to buy the most unusual things. Like that multicolored 'walis' and green strawberry. Also, I love keychains--i buy one from every place i visit. The pencil and the pine cones? Don't ask. haha!

Interesting pieces..

My dinner. So healthy!
My other dinner--so unhealthy!

Paoay Church

Beach in Paoay--the sunset here is breathtaking.

On the right is our Dept. Head, Mr. Reuben Pagaduan shooting one of his favorite subjects--old people.

Snap-happy--somany cameras!

More pictures here (set a) and here (set b). Check it out! I separated the 'people' (set a) pics from the 'photography lalala' (set b) pics (If you know what I mean). :-] Enjoy!

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