Monday, March 3, 2008

Agyness for Time Style and Design

Time Style & Design Spring 08
Aggyness, Photographed by David Slijper for Time

My search for IMAGINE's summer issue failed, so instead I got this. Maybe, the issues are not yet distributed--but I'm quite positive that as I type this, it is already printed and ready for sale. So anytime this week, I hope i could get my IMAGINE. But This Time magazine supplement aint bad at all! Surprise Surprise! It's Agyness for Time! It came free with the March 10 2008 issue (see inset). This supplement has a bunch of good reads and 2 editorials --1 actually. The first one is the Agy ed--it featured Spring's colorful pieces. The title is 'The Bright Idea' and it says "Designers are hooked on bold colors and graphic prints for spring. Model of the Moment Agyness Deyn shows them off." The other is a product ed of some sorts. I just got it and, as with my T3, I haven't read this one yet. Just check back and see If I have anything to say--or better yet, get your copy. You'll loveit.

Time Style & Design Spring 08-2
Nice shirt! US$25 only.


  1. What is it about her at the moment? She is just making the whole world work for her!

  2.'re so cute to have been looking around for Imagine's second issue. :)

  3. i love it! you guys are doing super. keep it up!