Monday, September 21, 2009

Random Thoughts / At Curves' Birthday Night









We all had so much fun. We're quite simple kids, you know: overflowing food=overflowing friends=overflowing pictures=overflowing fun! And the super fasyon night out spirit of the night just made things so so so much fun-ner and better. Just exactly something I need in times of haggarda life and general crappiness. Happy happy! Moarmoarmoar! Just look the the pictures above. I hope everyday is like this: happiness, fun and energy! And outfit-ing! Belated happy birthday C. Next, Paola naman!

The last three pics I swiped from here and here. More pics:

  1. via Edrick's
  2. via Curves'
  3. via Bea's 


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Magazines / Mag Rack: September 2009 / Metro, Mega, Preview, FBZ, Rogue, FHM+FHM Collections

September 2009 mags

September is my favorite magazine month. With that photographic evidence above, do I need to say more? As they say, a picture is worth.....

The September mags, in random order:
  • METRO. If I just had all the $$$, I'd buy Metro regularly too (though TBH, I find their covers quite safe/commercial). I love Metro's type choices, design and paper/printing (!). I bought this one because of their 20 Style Icons Feature; I loved it. The write-ups, photos and art direction, very very nice. And oh yes, I have to give Lourd de Veyra a shoutout here—his writing's just so interesting, iLove.
  • MEGA. I skipped last month's and was planning on doing it again this month but Jo Ann + Lanvin? I had to have this. I'm glad I did cause I really liked it. The new-ish typefaces and the design (esp the Runway Report), iLike. And the eds looked really nice! But if there's one thing I (and oh, fellow blogger M) noticed in this issue, it'd be the over-photocchoped/retouched images, especially in the 10 most stylish feature—photochopping to cartoonish levels! Other than that, I'm in like with this issue; my fave Mega so far.
  • PREVIEW. I truly truly wish for Preview's September edition to be thick and heavy (just like its foreign friends) but I guess I'm asking too much, hihi. This issue is packed with great stuff anyway so my visual appetite is super satisfied. Kim Chiu's cover/ed/styling is fierce (though too LV-esque...?). The editorials were all superb. And the super fashionartastic biannual supplement Preview Trend Report? A great great great bonus. Really, if there's one issue of Preview that you have to buy (that is if at this point you still don't have this one), dizzizit.
  • FULLY BOOKED ZINE. Maurice Sendak! Where the wild things are! As I said before, the best things in life are for free. I love FBZ.
  • ROGUE. I'm in love with this issue. This is my favorite so far (for real! I'm kindof wont to say that every issue but zeriously, my last fave ish was the one with Anne Curtis on the cover. Before that, the Jasmine Maierhofer one). Why do I love this issue? The reasons, in random order: 1, it's the Style and Design issue; 2, I'm loving the new-ish typefaces (modified Caslon+Clarendon?); 3, the cover is exactly how I imagine beautiful covers (okay, no, not exactly the scantily clad cover subject part)—striking, graphic and simple; 4, the A-Z of Style, I have no words, really. We need it in our lives; 5, everything in this issue's Retail Theraphy, iLike/Want/Need; 6, And a lot more.
  • FHM + FHM COLLECTIONS. This my first. I got this one because (firstfirst, it's a double issue meaning, more bang for your buck! hehe) first, Cristine Reyes' cover is beautiful (shot by Mark Nicdao, ah kaya pala) and second, I wanted to see FHM Collections. And all I have to say is: it ain't much of a letdown (FHM collections). I liked it—nice eds, nice look/feel/design, nice features. Ok, 'not much of a letdown' because I would love to love it if not for one: the Tom Ford Ads isdatchu? editorial. I liked the photography but other than that, it's a poor imitation of the original (the models' expressions were sortof awkward); two: it looked waaay to Details-ey (not in a really good way). On the other hand, I have to admit I kindof liked FHM's design, especially the Contents page. It has yellow in it, it's graphic, it has callouts, it's geometric, it has big type, for short, very me. Oh well.
More pics, to follow.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Random Thoughts / Current Desktop

current desktop_12-09-09B

Random Thoughts / September Mags...


Been busybusyhan lately. Will post tomorrow this week.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Magazines / Wallpaper*’s Guest Editor Issue: Karl Lagerfeld + Philippe Starck

Wallpaper*’s Guest Editor issue is here again and it looks mighty fine. The way I see it, October is the new September for Wallpaper* with its grand, print technology-challenging covers like these. Last year’s guest editors were Zaha Hadid, Rei Kawakubo and Louis Bourgeois. This year, Wallpaper* October is guest edited by

Karl Lagerfeld:


Peel the first layer and voila! Baptiste Giabiconi, Karl’s boytoy latest muse in his birthday suit.


Phillipe Starck:


Starck’s cover features three overlapping tracing (?) papers illustrating the idea of evolution.


As some of you know, I got last year’s October issue. And obvs, I loved it. This year, I’m not 101% sure if I’ll gettit or not. You know, with all the stuff I have to buy and pay, hehehe. But we’ll see—chances are, as soon as I enter the store and see this issue live, I might go blind, hahahaha. Oh, hai! Huge hole in my pocket is that you?

Images via FTape
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Moving Pictures / V61


Dear Shin,

Would you be kind enough to get me a copy of V61? Kthx.

Via Vmag

Art & Design / Backstage by Sonny Vandevelde @ Tribeca Grand Hotel

sonny invite 1x __

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