Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photo Friday / Awful, The Office, Flight


This week's topic: Awful


Past weeks' entries. I had so much stuff to do and think about plus the internet conked out last weekend so there.


The Office

Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Toughts / My Current Desktop

desktop july 18 2008

I can't wait to finish Cyanide 2.

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Magazines / T3 Philippines, July 2008

T3 Philippines July 2008

I've never been this inspired by T3. The redesign and the return of the manorexic and terrific editor that is Vince Sales excited me. Not that the other ed is not-so of course. Although I'm pretty sure the culprit of this redesign are those people at the T3 HQ in UK, I have to say hurrah to the new look! Here's why...

T3 Philippines July 2008 (1)

Here's Angel Locsin looking kinda plump. Kidding :-) This is the 50th golden issue (not anniversary ok) I don't exactly know if i should be happy or what. The cover is ok and it's not ok. Get it? It's the 50th for goodness sakes. haha! They should've made it fiercer and awesomer. Ok is really not happy 50th issue. But I have to say..the printing is terrific!

T3 Philippines July 2008 (2)

Isn't is good? I love the redesign. The past redesigns have been quite..meh. I mean when they redesigned the mag many many issues ago, I felt quite incomplete (nge) and missing the old look. But look at you today, it looks like somebody went to the Dra. Vicky Belo Clinic of magazines!

T3 Philippines July 2008 (4)

Isn't it lovely? I love the way the texts and images were laid out. And the fonts! So Beautiful and sexy. How can fonts be beautiful and sexy?

T3 Philippines July 2008 (5)

Isn't it beautiful? So beautiful it's so delicious. So delicious I want to eat it. The illustrations (sorry, forgot who did it, check later) were really nice!

T3 Philippines July 2008 (6)

This is probably my favorite page from this issue. Or, maybe, since issue 1! LOL @ "Laptops so skinny, they've been diagnosed with eating disorders". I think i have a thing for thought/dialogue bubbles...

The page after...

T3 Philippines July 2008 (7)


T3 Philippines July 2008 (3)

If there's another thing I didn't like about this issue (aside from the blandtastic—kidding!—cover) it is that the transition from the regular sections/departments to the reviews were quite abrupt (see photo above). I know that it's really crazy to put the disclaimers, notes etc they always had every issue but, I'm sure, just like new visitors at blogs, mags have new readers too. Or they should've put something to separate the reviews from the departments/sections. Oh, yes, page count. Of course.

There you have it!

The articles and reviews were, as always, nice. But Lourd de Veyra's column is missing! Maybe they decided that one column/opinion, either from Butch Dalisay or him is enough each month. As they say, you cannot have it all..

Plus there's one more page and feature I love but apparently it's missing. I'll post it later if I find it.

Cover Scan/Photos by Edrick

Magazines / You, Jul-Aug 2008

You Magazine July-August 2008

I discovered about this magazine in Rey Ilagan's recently resurrected blog, Daily Nagali. Thanks to his entry about this mag, I checked it out on my next trip to the newsstands. I've had it for sometime now..just didn't the time (or energy—school load!) to post.

You Magazine July-August 2008 (1)

The cover is ok; it was shot but Charles Lu. Check out those lips..Georgina much?

You Magazine July-August 2008 (2)

The ed inside. Proenza Schouler or SATC? hehe Nice styling. At least they reinvented/restyled the girl.

You Magazine July-August 2008 (3)

Color! Couleur! Kulay!

You Magazine July-August 2008 (4)

And there you have it.

I liked the style and design...and layout of the magazine..of course the content too. I'm glad the article they did about the kahfiyah (SP?) or the so-ubiquitous scarf is not exactly written to promote the thing. I used to love it (and actually used one once) but, oh well—it's on everybody's necks today. Even in 30-something-degree-places. Do they even know which international collection it was inspired from? hehe Also..to tell the truth..I was on the verge of writing fan mail/reader mail, a beautiful and well written one at that, just so I could win the Nooka watch! (see picture above, left page, lower right corner, the blue one, yes) haha I know I know. Plus! Lourd de Veyra writes there! It makes up for his absence in this month's T3 (review post coming...).

But did you notice its resemblance to another magazine, Nylon? And/or Catalog mag? Look at Status Mag (which I'm quite have difficulties getting my hard copy—help!)..Status, Nylon and Catalog are on the same, shall we say wavelength of look/feel/design but they have their own unique feel. This is their first issue so, we'll see.

I also hoped they had something for the boys. It didn't exactly say it is a girl's mag, no? In fact, writen on the cover: Fashion + Music: Express Yourself. It had a few bits here and there..but a little more would be really nice.

Still, congratulations for coming up with this magazine. It's something cool for the young ones (and the once young as they say. haha) Although I have to say it's not exactly something that made me go to mag heaven..maybe it's not just my exact genre. But at P85, I'm not sad. Or complaining.

Cover Photographed by Charles Lu
Scanned by Edrick

Shows / Model.Live on Vogue.tv


Vogue.tv + IMG + Model show = This

Video from Wall Street Journal
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Friday, July 11, 2008

032c Issue 15


I used to not like distorted fonts but this one is an exception. I don't know if this is it but I'm starting to have a liking for what I call 'guerrilla' style. Joerg Koch, the magazine's Editor in chief said that the critics described it as "old ugly". :-0 At least I said "guerrilla". haha!

Photo from 032c
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PS Just to tell more...that liking for guerrilla style I guess officially started in Imagine's 2nd issue. Sometimes I have to 'not like' (cannot say hate) something before I accept and really like/love it. That's how I liked Lily Donaldson, Ria bolivar..and now Ann Casas (sp??) hihi

Naomi on i-D


Remember a few months back where they also have a winking model on the cover? hehe

Apparently, all i-D covers have them coverpeople winking. Click here!! and understand why. I love it!! I thought Aggyness closed her other eye because of the eye infection thing. Maybe but maybe not.

Photo from MDC

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dreamy Wander


A video lookbook of Erin Fetherson's A/W 2008-09 Collection Starring Zooey Deschanel. Short film is directed by Ellen Von Unwerth.

Video from Jos129
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Page Design


I'm so inspired. Watch closely at around 1:20..he couldn't decide for a title (he changed it for like more than 3 times if im not mistaken) so he just put XXXXXXs. I have done several (or a few depending on how you look at it) designing and layout jobs and really I could relate to that. I always thought they had an easy time figuring how a page would look like. This is the industry I want to work in the (near?) future. And I'm as excited as much a I am nervous.

Video from MagCulture
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When the queen says no...


When the queen bee says no, everybody should follow.
Further, we hear that Demarchelier may be on an extremely lucrative exclusive contract with Vogue. So Wintour "flipped her shit" at the thought of him working for a semi-competitor. She got so upset that eventually she had to go and have a mob-like "Sit down" meeting with Glenn O'Brien, who oversees Interview for Brant Publications and is not a fan of celebrities.

The outcome of that meeting is unclear. But everyone involved better hope that Wintour cools off. Her reaction to Demarchelier's perceived betrayal was to call around to Vogue's top photographers—including Brad Pitt chronicler Steven Klein—and urge (order?) them not to shoot any photos for Interview. We hear that this isn't the first time she's gotten angry like this; she tried to tell photographers not to work for Tina Brown's ill-fated Talk magazine when it launched, too.
Read full article here.

I just wish I could do illustrations as nice and funny as that. :-p

Photo from The New York Observer
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Preview July 2008

Preview July 2008

Sneak peek inside... (click to enlarge)

DSC05272 DSC05269
Angel Aquino (L, also on Cover) and Tweetie de leon Gonzales

DSC05270 DSC05278
Ria Bolivar (L) and Joyce Oreña
(The picture of Joyce Oreña looks really familiar no? :-) )

I guess this is the best best dressed issue so far. Not that the past ones were bad of course (it looked nice and really cool then), but, well, these issue definitely better (compared to the past one's and visually speaking ok?). I usually, truth to tell, not super look forward to this issue (sortof!) because there are no editorials—as in real models, cool photography, the works. But this one is nice and cool! Note though: I say it's better—visually speaking; I don't pertain to who got on the list..ok. The way they showed or, um, editorialized those who got on the best dressed list is really superb. AND ALSO, I think Tweetie de leon Gonzales should model again—just in time when the fasyon world's past greats are all coming back (aka the supers like Linda for Prada, Naomi for YSL, etc), no? hehe

Cover Photographed by Marlon Pecjo

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Spiral — Photo Friday


Topic this week: Spiral
Photo taken @ the Disney on Ice show @ Araneta