Sunday, July 6, 2008

Preview July 2008

Preview July 2008

Sneak peek inside... (click to enlarge)

DSC05272 DSC05269
Angel Aquino (L, also on Cover) and Tweetie de leon Gonzales

DSC05270 DSC05278
Ria Bolivar (L) and Joyce Oreña
(The picture of Joyce Oreña looks really familiar no? :-) )

I guess this is the best best dressed issue so far. Not that the past ones were bad of course (it looked nice and really cool then), but, well, these issue definitely better (compared to the past one's and visually speaking ok?). I usually, truth to tell, not super look forward to this issue (sortof!) because there are no editorials—as in real models, cool photography, the works. But this one is nice and cool! Note though: I say it's better—visually speaking; I don't pertain to who got on the list..ok. The way they showed or, um, editorialized those who got on the best dressed list is really superb. AND ALSO, I think Tweetie de leon Gonzales should model again—just in time when the fasyon world's past greats are all coming back (aka the supers like Linda for Prada, Naomi for YSL, etc), no? hehe

Cover Photographed by Marlon Pecjo


  1. Model?
    Which model?
    Come on...stop to joke.
    The only one with personality , Style and International Success is Joyce Oreña.

  2. I agree.
    Power JOYCE ORENA.

  3. you are Joyce Oreña.
    don't keep your self close no one...
    we love and admire you so much.

  4. JOYCE ORENA You are Stunning.
    make us happy to be pinay ...