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Magazines / You, Jul-Aug 2008

You Magazine July-August 2008

I discovered about this magazine in Rey Ilagan's recently resurrected blog, Daily Nagali. Thanks to his entry about this mag, I checked it out on my next trip to the newsstands. I've had it for sometime now..just didn't the time (or energy—school load!) to post.

You Magazine July-August 2008 (1)

The cover is ok; it was shot but Charles Lu. Check out those lips..Georgina much?

You Magazine July-August 2008 (2)

The ed inside. Proenza Schouler or SATC? hehe Nice styling. At least they reinvented/restyled the girl.

You Magazine July-August 2008 (3)

Color! Couleur! Kulay!

You Magazine July-August 2008 (4)

And there you have it.

I liked the style and design...and layout of the magazine..of course the content too. I'm glad the article they did about the kahfiyah (SP?) or the so-ubiquitous scarf is not exactly written to promote the thing. I used to love it (and actually used one once) but, oh well—it's on everybody's necks today. Even in 30-something-degree-places. Do they even know which international collection it was inspired from? hehe tell the truth..I was on the verge of writing fan mail/reader mail, a beautiful and well written one at that, just so I could win the Nooka watch! (see picture above, left page, lower right corner, the blue one, yes) haha I know I know. Plus! Lourd de Veyra writes there! It makes up for his absence in this month's T3 (review post coming...).

But did you notice its resemblance to another magazine, Nylon? And/or Catalog mag? Look at Status Mag (which I'm quite have difficulties getting my hard copy—help!)..Status, Nylon and Catalog are on the same, shall we say wavelength of look/feel/design but they have their own unique feel. This is their first issue so, we'll see.

I also hoped they had something for the boys. It didn't exactly say it is a girl's mag, no? In fact, writen on the cover: Fashion + Music: Express Yourself. It had a few bits here and there..but a little more would be really nice.

Still, congratulations for coming up with this magazine. It's something cool for the young ones (and the once young as they say. haha) Although I have to say it's not exactly something that made me go to mag heaven..maybe it's not just my exact genre. But at P85, I'm not sad. Or complaining.

Cover Photographed by Charles Lu
Scanned by Edrick

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