Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Photos / Hazed and Amused

The semi-crazy sort of amused..caused by too much New Years smoke in my head...

New Year

new year

New Year

New Year

New Year

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fashion & Style / Style Sundays: 25 January 2009

Kate with a moving Edrick





Bea, Kate, and Dana

Art & Design / My AIM Covers Project Contribution

artinsite entry by edrick

artinsite entry by edrick

These are my contributions/entries for Art In Site Magazine's Covers Project. Late last year, AIM called Filipino artists to create an artwork for the premier issue of AIM (launched last 17 January 2009). They asked for two: one to be exhibited and one to be attached to the actual mag. They didn't quite reach their initial goal of 3000 artists (x2 entries each) but 1700 is not exactly a small number, so kudos.

Excuse my haggard work..I used a lowly cutter/scissors combo plus school level glue (read: elmer's). But I like how it turned out anyway.

To see photos of the event, click here and here. For more info, click here.

PS Bea, this is why I told you that you were sort of "involved" in this AIM gig. Hehe :-) TY, B!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Photos / Deaf Cat

deaf cat

My friends cat is deaf

Monday, January 19, 2009

Art & Design / Lest We Forget...

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Source, Photos via Epoxy
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Fashion & Style / The Gap's Pantone Shirts


I like 12-0722 and 18-5622

Source, Photo via The Moment

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fashion & Style / Style Sundays Special: Style Spotting @ the Art In Site Magazine Launch


Tanya & Rachel
Tanya, Rachel

Daphne, See See and Dione
Daphne, See See, Dione



noelle & knox
Noelle, Knox




Thanks everyone!! You have no idea how weird I felt that night. I was never the 'social' one so doing this is really something. I saw more stylish and chica people earlier that evening but I had to 'warm up' and gather enough courage and kapal ng fes..so by the time I was finally ready, a few of them stylish people left already.

I saw a few chica looking guys around but I had a hard time approaching them. Di ko kinaya ang force fields. Like this Yohji Yamomoto looking guy* or this guy I always see in MNLSTYL (I think??), or the guy who wore this nice looking blazer, or the guy who had a feather in his head* (!!)..they either left already or they just had an amazing force field. Hehe The girls were easier too shoot too (although I missed a few chica ones..the force field, too, was just so strong...); I guess they were more approachable? And yeah, I thought...don't you girls love having your photos taken? Nyehehehehe. ;-) JK.

The Yohji Yamamoto looking guy is Gari Buenavista, AIM's Photog. (ok, I knew he was AIM's photog but I just couldn't remember his name hehe. And he really looks like Yohji Y! A younger one though. I thought he was Japanese when I first saw him)
The guy who had a feather in his head is Baba Mitra of Kadangyan.
(Thanks, Faith :-])

Events / Art In Site Magazine Launching @ Ayala Museum




That's Patricia Laurel (left), AIM's Editrix

Jak and Jil isdatchu? hehehehe

Sorry, I forgot their nameThis is Kadangyan playing ethno-tribal music. I liked their performance..folky-Filipino ethnic-ey music. I wanted to jump jump jump... Well, I did actually but after a few leaps I was finally able to restrain myself from releasing the uncontainable energy I had that night. hehehe

Team Us! hehe Thanks for coming with me (L-R) Bivan, Lobel, Kate, Lovel. They're actually happy; they just look zerious in this particular photo. hehehe

You can buy either the magazine+the original artwork or the magazine only. The mag only options costs P400 (!). The mag+original artwork costs P3..grand!!!! The proceeds, AFAIK will fund the construction of the Manila Center for the Arts.

I wanted either one of these two (grey+green). But 3 thousand pesosesoses don't grow on trees...

My thoughts about the mag will be on a separate post.

DSC_3770 DSC_3799
DSC_3796 DSC_3802



Check out the rest of the pictures (yes, there's more!) here.

Photo Friday / Meditation


I dunno about you but the word meditation makes my head produce phantasmagorical images of nature..leaves...water...feel it....ahuuuuuuummmmmmmmm......mmmmm....mmmmmmm

Fashion & Style / Style Sundays: 18 January 2009


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Thoughts / To Look Good is the Best Revenge...

Especially if you've just come from a high-profile and highly-publicized breakup.

Case in point: Anne Hathaway...

anne hathaway

...and Karylle, as seen along Manila's huuuge billboards (so huge it could probably serve as sails and move the Philippine Islands..)



Friday, January 16, 2009

Magazines / New magazines...

Tsuper, From October Eighty

Stella, From Sesame Seed Creatives (I think? correct me if I'm wrong..)

I still haven't decided if I'll buy these or not. I saw Tsuper on the newsstands way back then (last year I think??) while Stella, just last weekend. I'm undecided not because they don't look good enough to buy and try, but because I just don't have a budget for new magazines! I have sort of told myself to try to buy every newly released magazine out there this year but I have come to a realization that it's not so possible at this moment. I mean, I thought I could because last year, I kindof did! But last year was different because the gap between releases are quite long, I have enough time to think and save up. Now, new magazines are being released left and right I can't buy all of them premier issues anymore. At least it's good to think that while major titles are folding up left and right abroad or reducing/cutting costs (Hello Men's Vogue?), the Philippine magazine industry is doing the opposite. I just hope that the new magazines will last longer than issue one or two. Mmmm, as for these two, judging from these covers they probably will!! :-)