Saturday, January 10, 2009

Magazines / Kris Again

On Jan-Feb Preview:
Preview Jan-Feb 09 Kris

I used to control myself from checking out the Summit website for the new covers but sometimes it just takes to damn long for Summit mags to reach the newsstands (except FHM—either on-time or earlier). I'll check Fully Booked, then Powerbooks (always the last one to get new mags up), National Bookstore, then Booksale. Not always in that order. Then desperation: drugstores, grocery, convenience stores, etc. Non. So I cut the crap and check out the cover/s online. hehe

Not totally excited about her (although let's admit it looks nice[ish] hehehe).What made my heart go doki-doki was the new(ish) look! New(ish) fonts! Is that an italic Caslon font there? Nice! And the trend report supplement. I think I'm in for a surprise? We'll see tomorrow. Now. If it only had a men's section. Oh well.

Oh yeah, she's on last last year's cover too:
last last year's kris cover

Top Photo from Summit Media

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