Friday, January 16, 2009

Art & Design / Movie Posters: Yes Man, Catch Me If You Can and Oldies but Goodies Posters of Yestercenturyear


I saw this poster in the paper two weeks ago I think. Love at first sight. Especially the type/font. I still love my serif fonts (cause it's only recently that I started liking serif fonts..even Times New Roman!) but I have also developed a liking towards thin (light) fonts and bold (heavy) fonts. Serifs+Sans Serif mode.

Anyway. About posters. Karumal wrote an entry about great movie posters of our lolo's times. He thinks there are no more cool posters today. Well, it's quite true. But there are still a few movies with great posters. Yes Man is one. Catch Me If You Can's poster is nice too.

catch me if you can poster

But back in the times when iPods and DVDs were unheard of, movie companies produced better looking posters worth hanging/collecting. From Karumal's blog, here are some of the posters I loved. Click here to see the rest.

great posters (3)great posters (2)
great posters (1)great posters
great posters 4


Photos from SlashFilm, IMPAwards, Karumal Journal

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