Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mobile Internet Browsing via Opera Mini! 1

Yay! I'm so happy now because I can surf and browse the net with my phone! I can't write a lengthy post now and explain everything because this service doesn't come really cheap, but heck, it's so worth it! For now, i'd try to upload preview screen captures. I'd teach all and sundry later so we can all have the mobile browsing fun! Yay!

*Oh no. I tried to upload a picture but i think it's not possible. I'll just check how and upload the preview pics later. :-|*

Monday, February 18, 2008

Strike a (crazy) pose

fun polaroids @ philip lim
philip lim irina

fun polaroids @ philip lim
philip lim han

fun polaroids @ philip lim
philip lim luke

Isn't it fun?? :-]

All polaroid photos by JD Ferguson. Click the link and see more!
All runway photos from NYMag.com, 3.1 Philip Lim Fall 08

Logo Loco

find the fashion logos
A scan from the book '100 Years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman'. Art by Julie Verhoeven for Dazed and Confused, The Annual 2001

Click the image for a larger view, download the pic and start hunting for the 28 fashion logos. Ready, GO!

Almost missed it!

Photo from Style.com

This picture just proves that nobody is perfect. I felt humbled when i saw this.. hahahha. It just shows that even the best lensmen can make something like this, no?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

She's Rather Go Nekkid

Video from Trollo

PETA's motive is nice--to love and protect the animals--and i like it. But if there's one thing to hate about PETA, it would be the way they 'speak out' or 'act out' their feelings and opinions. I think that sometimes they go too far. Or or or probably, they are just normal folks (!) who love going out au naturel.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Triangle House, Oslo

Photo from JVA.no

Have you experienced this situation: you're tasked to make an artwork consisting of only two colors max and use only one art element in less than one hour. What would you do? Would you use half of that time whining and complaining? Well, for the architects of Jarmund/Vignæs AS Arkitekter MNAL, probably not. In fact, they might even use that setback as their main point, their strength. Setbacks? What setbacks? Architechts Einar Jarmund and Håkon Vignæs used setbacks to come up with interesting design/s, just like in their Triangle house (land laws and restrictions inspired them to create such unusual shape). With such house, you don't really need to buy a much conversation pieces; the house itself can start a conversation! These architects started in 1996 (in 2004, Alessandra Kosberg joined them). Their main objective is to make one project different and independent from the other, thus avoiding a specific 'style' or 'signature'.
:-] See more of their works and stuff @ JVA.no.

Dinosaur Pointers

mouse pointer 2

mouse pointer 1

Tired of seeing the same old boring pointer in Windows, but don't want to install software aka spyware/ekekware? For those who don't know (and those who don't bother to tinker) windows had this option to change your cursor style. I've been using this for quite sometime and just thought of sharing this. :-] It's sort of old school ala Windows 98, but whatever; i like it. Just go to Control Panel>Mouse>Mouse Pointers>Voila! There. Too bad there's not much pointers. In my pc, i just like the Drum Drumm Old Fashioned and Dinosaur style.

Mmmm So Good?

An advertisment promoting MSG. Mmm So Good? What do you think? Click for full view then read the copy. Advertising is really an interesting world, no?

ANTM 10-back in NY

Video from Luisdcv

Ohyeah...interesting. Let's see what happens..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Prada, Trembled Blossoms, S/S 2008

Video from trollo

Han Hye Jin & Hye Park

Video from sethivarova

Han Hye Jin and Hye Park for Vogue Korea, October 2007

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Mrs. Tom Cruise Robot Video

This video is so funny! Robot Mrs. Tom cruise, haha!
BTW, Katie's new do looks so Anna-ish no? I wonder whet she has to say about it. haha

Les Choristes (2004)

Photo from KillerMovies.Com

Great Music + Great Story = Love! I've watched this movie i think 2 years ago and I still feel the same way i did when i first heard the songs/their singing. Awww so good.

and the pop-py version, with Beyoncé

Them Toys

I dunno, but I'm so fascinated with toys. Big ones, small ones, colorful ones, etc, they never fail to inspire me, or at least make me feel happy. kkk It actually makes me think of setting up a toy store someday. :-]

Quattrocentro Gallery, Trinoma

Note: If you're an artist of one of these stuff and want some credit/or whatever, just tell me. Any concerns? I'm one email away!

Improv Everywhere

This is so great! haha I've always wanted to be a little naughty--y'know, do a little bit of this and that here and there--but didn't have the courage/power to do so. Then i saw this. Charlie Todd created Improve Everywhere and have been making scenes since 2001. From cellphone symphonies to no pants day, to the most recent, people freezing. So fun, i tell you so fun! If any improve everywhere thingy will be set up here in Manila (they had gone global right?) then sign me up! hehe

More info/missions, click here. Go go go!

Them Fishies

It's nice to have fishies no? Although it can be a little laborious to maintain the tank and keep and clean and all that. But then again, if you really like something, then something like this shouldn't be so hard. If you have pics of your pet fishies, you can send it to me! Pop me a pic and an email (see contact).


This is crazy funny! If this happened to me, I dunno, probably I'd stop, think, and analyze what's happening while I sweat like a pregnant mongrel on a hot summer day. Haha Not. I'd probably be hopping from one spot to the other snapping away happily. :-]

Pictures, Story and Source Here