Monday, March 31, 2008

Mimobot Flash Drives

Mimobot Flash Drive. Something I think Rafe Totengco might like (the color). All Photos from Mimoco

I like love/want! These flash disks are totally super undeniably perfectly cool/cute/super. They have 512mb/1gb/2gb/4gb versions which costs from $39.95-$99. I just hope (and pray) that copycats/alligators/crocodiles won't see another bootlegging/copycatting opportunity with this one. I don't want to see Mimobots get tortured by those fakers who made those annoyingly ubiquitous Le Sportsac Tokidoki bags manufactured and mass produced illegally/otherwise by the millions. / Source / Source

Here are my favorites:






And the discontinued/out of stock ones that i loveloveloved:



Sasha & Gemma

Copy/Paste. Photo from Foto Decadent

This is the best Sasha/Gemma photo I've seen. I can usually tell quite easily who's who but this one almost got me! Hah! Gemma is still Gemma-faced and Sasha, Sasha-faced. LOL / Source

Friday, March 28, 2008

ANTM Sans Tyra?

NO! This is sad, if ever this happens. Really, i didn't see this coming. Click here to read the story.

Monday, March 24, 2008

U Mag Mag

Photo from U Mag

Check out this new blog-slash-online mag here. Super nice!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

That Neck

kass by inez
Photo from

This photo of Carmen by Inez and Vinoodh is just so beautiful. Disturbingly beautiful. / Source

VMAN 10 Preview Pics + Behind the Scenes

Sasha by Hedi Slimane

That hair

Cute, hehe

She looks older than she really is here no? Or is she's just old mature looking? Whatever. I quite like her. :-)

Yohji Yamamoto @ the Forbidden City

Photo from Fashion Blog

Here what's The Cut blog said:
Yohji Yamamoto could inadvertently stir up a whole batch of drama in China when he stages a fashion show in Beijing's Forbidden City next month. True, he might upstage Karl Lagerfeld's Fendi show on the Great Wall of China, but that's not the issue.
Now. That's something to watch out for. Click source for full story. / Source

Raquel & Adriana

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Bryanboy

BB for V!

Happy Birthday Bryanboy!

Photo of BB from

(Moddles are) Human after all

Video From LT09

I love zem moddles (ilove lolvogueing ala jezebel too). They are, quoting Diesel, human after all. / Source

And oh, guess whose shoe this is?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Futurism is here to stay :-) Photo from JD Ferguson

I really liked loved futurism. You still see futuristic references in Balenciaga's FW collection. A few here and there. In the upcoming Imagine magazine. (also in the incoming Cyanide :-) ). And Now, it's in VMan. Click here to jump to JD Ferguson's site. / Source / VMAN


Ed is on, ed is off (HONGKONG/PHOTOS)
Aww. Kawawa. Photo from

I know this is super late. This things has super toned down and it's quite old old news. In fact, Edison Chen, the Canada-born Chinese actor has now quit showbiz and retired. And oh, if you're looking for the scandal photos here, sorry to disappoint but I don't have them. And I will not post them. Besides, the point of this post is not much about the scandal--it's about Wikipedia. I love Wikipedia. Almost everything about this whole wide wide world is written there. This scandal is there. SM is there. Even the Gucci gang (Quick, read the thing before they delete it.They are discussing about deleting it)! Even Ai ai. As in Ai Ai delas Alas.

Ai ai
Ai Ai Ai caramba. From Dave Channel

Ay caramba! But I don't understand why Wiki doesn't have a page for CVS or BB. DO you know these people? Do you have a wikipedia account? Then make an article about them. :-)

Well, for those who are really curious about what happened click me. Poor guy. What a way to end a career. But you can't blame him much--he's quite a looker, no? Girls would really line up just to get a piece of him. Check out this flowchart--a detailed (in chinese though) chart of Edison's girlies. Chan+ Cheung + Chung + Chen = Chin chan soo. Joke!

Lookin' good! No? Stress lang yan. Photo from Digmelon

If I'm a staff of some pop/fashion/culture/entertainment magazine, I'll book him for a parody shoot of this incident. I'll give it the title "Ed is on, again!" hehe just kidding. But why not? (And for the record, I don't fancy much the prints on his wayfarers. But I love them wayfarers just the same.)

In the end, let us all remember that curiosity killed the cat! If you know what I mean.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Popular Science March 2008

Popsci mag March 2008

I guess I'm not unlucky afterall. I got this instead of VMag (which BTW I might still get thanks to them balikbayans and their boxes). Actually, I got 5, so, pwede na. I love technology/gadgets/etc as much as i love art/fashion/design/etc. This magazine is not just a source of information, it also has inspiration inside! Like their monthly section called 'Megapixels'--they show pictures of the strangest and most interesting things (e.g. a close up of an animal's mouth,say a fish, as in way close up super close up). If you have it, turn to page 84 (why are some people squeamish to see blood while others are not). I love that they explain the weirdest and strangest things in the funniest and wittiest (word?) way.

I will now put it (temporarily) in my magbag made by Kervin. I love it! He's making really nice stuff (since day one) and, really, we should make more. And A blog (for it) probably? Watch out for it. Soon? Kervin are you reading this? hehe.

Closed version

PS Thanks to Tita Mercy for sending those magazines. Yay!
PSS Thanks for the Magbag kervin! :-)

Hai. Ai love zem blogs. Zo Funnie

Oh. hai. Aym zorrie fer meh fake faux french speeking. Not veri good at it. But zey arre (an zo veri funnie too):

The 'I can has cheezburger' version:

and the fashion Jezebel version:

Lolvogue from jezebel 2

Lolvogue from jezebel 3

Lolvogue from jezebel 4

Lolvogue from jezebel 5

I love it. It's so funny. / Source / Source / Photos from Icanhascheezburger and Jezebel

No V for me (unless...)

My lola/ninang just arrived bring sad news. She didn't find V52. :-( She said that there are no newsstands, bookstores, and the like in the Loma Linda area. Too bad. There's no V52 for me unless...I contact my friend in NY and ask her to get it for me and send it here. But--that would take a lot of time (and money) I might just check out the stores here. Magnet maybe?

On the lighter side, I learned (via that Imagine mag's theme for the issue 2 (coming this April) is "the future". I'm so excited! He said..
For the most part of January, I made myself busy working on this fashion editorial for the second issue of Imagine magazine. Imagine is a new fashion and art magazine that comes out three times a year here in Manila. The second issue has the overall theme "future," which is to be interepreted by different artists, stylists and photographers. I finally got to see jpeg copies of my shoot last week and I'm happy. It wasn't what I was expecting but I'm not dissapointed.
Continue reading the entry and you'll read that...
So anyway... The RTW press samples from Louis Vuitton's SS08 line are here in Manila now! **scream!!** I can't wait to shoot them! Cannot wait at all! :D Here are a couple looks I like that are here until next week. I loves the skirts!
That is big news. Yay! / Source

For those who live in the Philippines and still don't have an idea what Imagine is, click me. Where have you been lately? A cave perhaps? lol Joke.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Nestle Cream Ad

Video from olcaps

I love it. Watch it! I've been searching for a video of this for the past days and surprise surprise I found it.

[1] Agency: Mccann Worldgroup Manila / Creatives: Raul Castro, Noel Bermeho, Gabby Alcazaren

Blabla Backpacks


These Blabla backpacks are definitely not blah. I like! Really like! But in reality, bags like these require extra courage--it's not very easy to carry such item. There's a Moto Razr thin line between jolly funny fashioney kidult and just plain freaky. / Source / Source / All Photos from Blabla

Martin Margiela's L'incognito Sunglasses

L'incognito by MM. Photo from Trashbagaesthetics

I want. I still love wayfarers just the same but this one is really different. I saw this first in Bryanboy's blog (last year pa?!). I just hope the black market won't see and reproduce this. I'd rather have this not than see this produced by the millions and sold in 168 and Tutuban and who knows where for 100 a piece and see everybody wearing it. (Don't get me wrong, I love 168--i just hate it when they sell really cool stuff--super mass produced cool stuff--and poof cool becomes uncool na). They probably don't even know that it's the Martin Margiela L'Incognito sunglasses! / Source

News From Fashion Illustrations Blog

Check out this blog! (It's the product of the "one-click-led-to-the-other" habit) I love her illustrations--it kind of looks Lizzy Maguire-y-ish only more fasyon and less teeny-boppery. My favorite entry is the Bear post (check it out here). Unfortunately (for me), the blog is in French and if you're thinking of Google translating it--forget it. The posts are photos... But still it's worth my view and time and I would definitely check back. Now, if I can just go with Bea and study french with her this summer. Darnit, I cannot.

Masks by Linda Bergkvist

Photo from Furiae

Linda Bergkvist, also known by netizens as Enayla, is a CG/didital art artist and in my opinion, she makes the best CGs i've ever seen. Just check out her deviant art page or her webpage. But this post is not about her great CG skills--she's widely known for that and it is a given already. This post is about her masks--i didn't know she made masks too. I learned about this in Coilhouse (thanks Kervin!) CLICK ME to see her super beautiful masks. Really beautiful.



Click me and see the whole thing. If you're easily offended with expicit content, just don't. But the pics are just crazy; I dunno what to say. Funny-crazy. / Source

Happy Birthday Anna Beatriz!

Not Barros. Hahaha jk. Well, it's kind of late; I should've posted this earlier (her birthday is March 15th, yeterday). But whatevs. I just want to make a tribute post of sorts for her. (Bea, Part 1 of my Gift--the next [real and live tilapia jk] one follows. ok?)

Happy Bday my chica friend! hihihi





I can see your toes! haha yeah, yeah. She wore those still because she said opaque tights might not look appropriate for church.


She said that this strawberry nail is not much her original idea--she got it from an equally stylist/chica/fasyon girl in LRT. Everyone influences everyone somehow, right? It's so cute--so nice!

strawberry nails

Happy birthday again!

Some pics from our intimate gathering aka party.

Surprise surprise surprise!

Look at me, extreme left. Classic! The party hat dropped and I tried to catch it. So funny!

Yummy! Sansrival! No Rival!
We also had Chicken Jay Alexander. yum! Ms Jay hahaha

My really pathetic-looking-homemade-but-yummy cake. And that's melted marshmallow. Yum!

More pics from her pah-tee pah-tee and food fest HERE.

And Oh, I just want to include Kervin--our other partner in crime. Thanks for the bag--will blog about it later. Haha! Oh, we have to photoshoot na. Asap!