Saturday, September 27, 2008

Films & Videos / Sacha Baron Cohen


Di ko kinaya! Talk about being seen and making a scene! Story here.


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quick Thoughts / Happy Bday Curves!

Happy birthday today! pics from his bday will be posted soon (or maybe next year hahaha)

On other matters..this blog has been suffering a case of half-AWOL ing! I've been trying to do as much offline (weekend) activites I could because come weekdays, work and stress will start coming back my way again. hehe I have a LOT of to-post stuff and a few more will make my blogging cup run over. 


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quick Thoughts / Lost

I think I just lost a book. I hope not. NO, nono not. I hope to see it tomorrow. Now, how could i sleep well?



Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Thoughts / Artinsite Magazine

I almost forgot about this project I read online many many nights ago. Artinsite magazine, a new Fillipino art magazine needs 3000 artist to do their inaugural cover. They still need 1270 more artists and you only have more/less three hours (and counting) to sign up and register. Registration deadline is today at midnight, but the artworks can be sent anytime until the 30th. More info here. Hurry!! Go go! And did you know that they're very easy to reach? It might take time (as what happened to me) but at least you will be spared from the talking mannequins and machines other customer service lines have. Contact info here.

I finished my work this recent weekend and was supposed to mail it right away, since I was a few blocks away from the mini post office I saw (from where I was that is), but I thought it would not make it to the 9/15 deadline if i snail-mailed it. Kaya nga snail. So  I planned to go directly to their office but somehow didn't manage to make it there. Plan C is to just go today and be skip all my afternoon classes (I only have two anyway and besides I already talked and settled things with my beautiful smart intelligent and sexy teacher. Ma'am are you reading this? haha). I almost gave up but thank God I got back to my senses (sayang ang artwork!) and left. It took forever waiting for a jeep (I have almost zero chance of getting a jeep in this faraway land that is Silang Cavite at 230-3 in the afternoon) so I bit the bullet and called them. I'm a super super shy person (as in—when I met Chuvaness, I died and couldn't speak well hehe) so big deal. hehe And good news I got. Today's deadline is just the registration deadline, and artworks can be sent to them (mailed, personally or whatever gimmick you want but email—no digital files). Bye bye nerves!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Magazines / Metro Him, Rogue, T3, Sense and Style—August 2008

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It's already mid-September (time flies so fast!) and I have so many overdue posts. So here they are, the rest of the August 2008 mags.

Metro Him:

The Good: I'm impressed how most of our local magazines are well designed. I just happened to have my magaholic awakening during the time when magazines where, let's just say not as good as today's. Good paper and printing too. The editorials, articles and features are worth checking out. Especially the last editorial (see photo: 4th row from top), Cruise Control (photographed by Jason Peñaloza) and the article of Lourd de Veyra about how he's sick with Pinoy's achievements big or small (as always, a fun LdV read). Cool fonts too!

The Bad: Cool fonts, great photography, there's nothing much to rant about. Maybe the almost omission of Rocky Salumbides (a Filipino model who has done great work here and abroad) in the list of the top male models. Well. The editor explained why—he (Rocky S) was abroad at the time of the cover shoot. Good thing he came later and was somehow included in this issue (a 10-page ed shot by Aldwin Aspillera). Why so big deal? because this is the Phlippine Top Model issue and basically, he's just exactly that (and probably more). I've seen him in i-D (UK) and Style: Men (Singapore). Another (super minor but still): the Pepper Lunch feature was too short! hehe

Buy or Bye: Buy! Cool fonts, nice editorials, good read, beautiful printing, good paper..all check. It all depends on what your preferences are but in general, this is a good buy. Plus—if I'm not mistaken, this is still the current issue so there, another reason.


The Good: Rogue is ultimate. No matter who or what they feature, it's just good (azzin!). The page limit of the cover feature always seems to be unlimited (25-super pages of honey-ed Amanda Griffin [photographed by Mark Nicdao]. Ok, not all of the 25 pages honeyed hehe). It stayed true to its appetite issue mode because, well, it was appetizing in more ways than one! (I'll let your imagination interpret that hehe) The model boat feature is cool too—I liked the wave design. Loved the photos of Neal Oshima (chefs feature) and the travelog of Gutsy Tuason (he followed the journey of the tuna from the ocean to the restaurants). And oh, do I have to say again that the printing/paper is really nice?

The Bad: If you can only eat those burgers... If there's any, maybe it's getting a copy—it's quite hard.  I don't know who's attention to call but Rogue usually arrives late at the stores.

Buy or Bye: If you're a super foodie, run, don't walk, because it's September already.



The Good: I'm still loving the layout/design. (I cannot get over it!) hehe Especially those frames and x-ray style pockets.

The Bad: It's too young to be thinning! hehe Maybe it's the paper they're using (w/c is great too btw)? T3 used to be heavier and thicker. And oh, I'm still waiting for the return of the "gadgets from Japan/Korea/whatever only" page. hehe

Buy or Bye: Just get the September issue (preview/review coming later, i hope!) and just wait for a back issue. But if you like what you're seeing (or happen to look for a good Wi-fi phone), then go, hurry!

Sense and Style

The Good: I loved the setting of the cover/main feature. The kitchen, stove, etc—the shoot has that Wallpaper* feel. The moment I saw it, I thought it was Wallpaper* for, let's say about 10 seconds (Walppaper is just so different hehe). A feature of the international and local collections was ok too. Everywhereweshoot's works were really nice too—I liked it.

The Bad: It took a while before I appeciated the design (read: didn't appeal much). It just lacked punch I guess? Or it could be just me too. Plus that swim wear editorial (see photo: 4th row from top, left)—I don't know + I didn't get it = ?. The poses felt a bit awkward, the styling is not super super...let's just say it could be better. I loved the setting of the main/cover feature but not exactly the styling. Styling and make-up (the usual magic editorial effects) could be better.

Buy or Bye: Since the September issue is out now on the stands, you might want to just get the current one than pay full for this month old issue. But for those who want to check out what's up with Charo Ronquillo, this issue's covergirl, hurry! I see a few more copies left...

Blog Update / Categories


The last few weeks has found me busy as usual. Beating plate deadlines, brainstorming for new plate ideas, last minute reading for exams, the usual school stuff. Plus the non-school stuff that are really hard to miss (see photo above hehe). In between all these, I can't help but be bothered thinking that I should re-organize this blog. I want long term style of organization but i can't really come up with one so I ended up not being able to post whatever whenever. I've also made (and thought of making) separate blogs dedicated to one thing e.g. magazines, food, drawings. Just when it kindof got noisy inside mein trolly, I hit my head with an imaginary wake up hammer and realized, I just had too many blogs (and blogging materials at that) but so little time! So after a few weeks of arguing and talking with myself, I have decided to just put it all here, on the Happy lab. I initially made this blog for the stuff I find inspirational, in real life or in cyberspace. But as I blogged, I kind of went here and there, although basically, most of the posts here still adhere to my "what inspires" topic/theme/whatevs. And now I feel magulo. A little bit (or not) sturm und drang.

To stop my mind from the sturm und drang mode, I came up with these categories:

So there. Now I feel much better. hehe :-) I guess I don't have to explain these because these categories are quite self explanatory. Or maybe just wait for the future posts and see. ;-D

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you'll find inspiration here! :-) If you've got something to share or have something to say, just pop me a note because I'm one email away! (see contact)

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PS—To those reading this in my Multiply account, this is a cross post from blogger. I just thought maybe you think what the heck is this. hehe