Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Thoughts / Artinsite Magazine

I almost forgot about this project I read online many many nights ago. Artinsite magazine, a new Fillipino art magazine needs 3000 artist to do their inaugural cover. They still need 1270 more artists and you only have more/less three hours (and counting) to sign up and register. Registration deadline is today at midnight, but the artworks can be sent anytime until the 30th. More info here. Hurry!! Go go! And did you know that they're very easy to reach? It might take time (as what happened to me) but at least you will be spared from the talking mannequins and machines other customer service lines have. Contact info here.

I finished my work this recent weekend and was supposed to mail it right away, since I was a few blocks away from the mini post office I saw (from where I was that is), but I thought it would not make it to the 9/15 deadline if i snail-mailed it. Kaya nga snail. So  I planned to go directly to their office but somehow didn't manage to make it there. Plan C is to just go today and be skip all my afternoon classes (I only have two anyway and besides I already talked and settled things with my beautiful smart intelligent and sexy teacher. Ma'am are you reading this? haha). I almost gave up but thank God I got back to my senses (sayang ang artwork!) and left. It took forever waiting for a jeep (I have almost zero chance of getting a jeep in this faraway land that is Silang Cavite at 230-3 in the afternoon) so I bit the bullet and called them. I'm a super super shy person (as in—when I met Chuvaness, I died and couldn't speak well hehe) so big deal. hehe And good news I got. Today's deadline is just the registration deadline, and artworks can be sent to them (mailed, personally or whatever gimmick you want but email—no digital files). Bye bye nerves!

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