Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog Update / Categories


The last few weeks has found me busy as usual. Beating plate deadlines, brainstorming for new plate ideas, last minute reading for exams, the usual school stuff. Plus the non-school stuff that are really hard to miss (see photo above hehe). In between all these, I can't help but be bothered thinking that I should re-organize this blog. I want long term style of organization but i can't really come up with one so I ended up not being able to post whatever whenever. I've also made (and thought of making) separate blogs dedicated to one thing e.g. magazines, food, drawings. Just when it kindof got noisy inside mein trolly, I hit my head with an imaginary wake up hammer and realized, I just had too many blogs (and blogging materials at that) but so little time! So after a few weeks of arguing and talking with myself, I have decided to just put it all here, on the Happy lab. I initially made this blog for the stuff I find inspirational, in real life or in cyberspace. But as I blogged, I kind of went here and there, although basically, most of the posts here still adhere to my "what inspires" topic/theme/whatevs. And now I feel magulo. A little bit (or not) sturm und drang.

To stop my mind from the sturm und drang mode, I came up with these categories:

So there. Now I feel much better. hehe :-) I guess I don't have to explain these because these categories are quite self explanatory. Or maybe just wait for the future posts and see. ;-D

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you'll find inspiration here! :-) If you've got something to share or have something to say, just pop me a note because I'm one email away! (see contact)

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PS—To those reading this in my Multiply account, this is a cross post from blogger. I just thought maybe you think what the heck is this. hehe

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