Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Thoughts / Week in Review: 21-27 June 2009

This week was quite uneventful, not counting the recent big-name deaths of MJ and FF. Had lots of free time, but I don't really know what to do with it. Maybe I just got used to the rush-rush and busy-busy state of things that I don't quite know anymore what to do when there's nothing (yet) much to do.


↑ I had a lot of stuff to read and see; just exactly what I need in times of internet deprivation, haha. Plus I found new gems at our library (the ones with pink labels). I monitor my favorite books there, you know. Will post about the books later (or eventually :-)).

↑ Still trying to settle in our new dorm. I’d love to call it spanking new but spanking and sparkling new it is not. It’s already livable—that is if you can bear the daily power outages, water interruptions, and construction sounds. But I’m not (exactly) complaining; just stating facts. When I think about it, I’m actually in a better position compared to others so I’m really grateful. Just a few more weeks maybe then it’s dorm nirvana (at least facilities-wise; the service is another story, hehe). More photos here.


↑ It’s always nice to share stuff to people who appreciate the same things you do. Here’s Ma'am Ann (who btw has a blog, here)—a Jak and Jil virgin no more, hahaha.


↑ After church with, R-L, Bea (whose been wearing some nice new outfits recently, as seen live and online; innit super high time for another shoot?), Princess (camera shy no more; or now lang?), Curves (sporting his super nice round sunnies), Melanie (one whose skirts are getting shorter and necklines getting deeper), Tabeth (nice dress!), Bivan (nanunungay), Dana and Jireh (question: is that a smile, smirk, pre-laugh or all of the above? haha). More photos here.


↑ At the birthday treat for the choir of Denice. And all we had to do was to text him (a joke that was half meant half serious)—no coaxing and cajoling necessary. Thanks, ha! Anyway, Dana really is the all-around anytime anywhere party package. Ilovit. Though, our jokes basically revolved around themes of which are (light) green including WWWWWHs of Dana’s first kiss. More photos here.

Fashion & Style / Style Sundays: 28 June 2009

DSC_3036x DSC_3053x
DSC_2971 DSC_2969

Random Thoughts / Albums in Multiply can be embedded pala!


I didn't know albums in Multiply can be embedded!

Not customizable (ie size, color, etc) but will do. Just go to any album and find the 'share' link at the bottom of the album page. Copy-paste then that's it. I just wish they included options for customizing.

Random Thoughts / Little things that make me happy: Chuva Charm

DSC_2464 DSC_1154 DSC_1812 __

I would not normally spend three-figured sums (I know…) on simple key-chains like this. But knowing this is something quite special (read: limited ed), I did the semi-impossible (at least for people like me) and got myself a Chuva Charm. I almost missed it. If not for the kind people of PL Shang who really saved one for those who reserved personally, I would have just let go.

Books / I Want…

margiela book

Maison Martin Margiela (Rizzoli)


via WWD

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Magazines / Mag Rack: June 2009 / Uno, Rogue, Roam, Homestyle, Fully Booked Zine

june 09 mags 2

Last week, I planned to buy only one mag on my way home. I guess it wasn't a good time for me and my wallet to have visited bookstores at the end of a haggard week cause I got all these faster than you can say "empty wallet" :-).
  • Ch-ch-ch-changes! Uno, reborn. iLove! Just exactly the kind of cover that makes me grab and go.
  • Rogue's annual State of the nation issue. Last year's cover is def better IMHO (the Joey Mead one) but this one's not bad, just tamer than last year's. As always, top notch. Especially this issue's must-see Style Guide!
  • Too bad I missed Roam's Issue launch last 12 June. But I made sure I'd get Roam 2. iLike! Definitely not your usual travel mag, this one's more for the adventuruous and artsy type.
  • Homestyle's gone bi-monthly. We're in tought times, indeed. But a really nice issue anyway. If UZ were a mag, then this would be it.
  • James Jean on Fully booked zine! My fave FBZ ish yet. Indeed, some of the best things in life are for free.

Random Thoughts / Art Petron 9

DSC_2549 __

Last week, the Art Petron people went to our school to promote Art Petron 9—”Alay sa Pamilihang Bayan (A Tribute to Philippine Markets)”, their annual student art contest.

art petron 9

Just a school-to-school promotion of sorts. Prior to this, I had no plans of joining. Now, I'm playing with the idea of submitting an entry. Painting, photography, or both, we'll see. It's my last year of school anyway so why the hell not?

CSC_2586 CSC_2592
On a side note, grabe, we waited for two hours. Ok me I intentionally came late because I had to finish something so I waited for two hours not, hehe.


folio art petron

I wanted to get Folio, the free magazine by Art Petron but alas, we sat on the wrong side of the hall—they distributed it starting from the other side. They ran out of copies. Never reached us. Meh. There's a digital download online but hey, I want the tangible real life copy. Hmm. Anyway, they said that this particular issue of Folio contained stuff that would give us an idea of what to shoot/paint, where, etc. Like a starting point for those who do not know where to start. As for me, I just wanted to have a copy.


More info here. More photos here.

Fashion & Style / Style Sundays: 21 June 2009

DSC_2782 DSC_2811 DSC_2795 DSC_2797

Friday, June 12, 2009

Events / Philippine Independence Day 2009

Independence Day 09! Independence Day greetings from The Happy Lab! and...

google  6-12-09 Google! and...

flag ...Bhong and Katarina! ;-)

Magazines / Academy for Men 3 Cover

Academy for Men 3 is just around the curb. While we wait for the release of the new ish, let’s look at the cover preview of AFM’s Australian Issue:

academy for men 3 

Cover Credits
Photography - Terence Chin
Styling -Katrina Shieles
Model - Ben W - Vivien's Models

Random Thoughts / Nikon D5000

d5000 nikond5000 nikon
d5000 nikond5000 nikon

Dear D60,

Forgive me for I have been looking at other cameras as of late. I know it’s not even a year since we’ve been together…but I’m only human and I can’t help but take notice of this new beauty. It has everything you don’t have: live view…


large swivel-LCD screen, bigger built, and my favorite of all—video recording. HD, I think. Almost like D60+D90=D5000. Oh well. But worry not because I love you just the same. It’s a good thing that in cameraland, there’s no such thing as adultery, hehehe.  We’ll still be together, anyway. It’s not like I can just put you back in your box and get myself a new shiny D5000 anytime soon—unless I recover some sort of genie-in-a-bottle in our recycle bin, we’ll be together for quite a long time.



Images via DPreview

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Thoughts / Blogging via Windows Writer

The internet has been super slow and evil it’s driving me crazy already. Anyway, patience is a virtue I’m trying to acquire and practice and somehow it has paid off. While (patiently) looking for something online, I stumbled upon this amazing piece of application: Windows Writer. I’m not exactly one to write software reviews so don’t expect some expert pros-cons kind of writing here. I just blogged this cause i wanted to share.
blogging via windows writer

This is basically a third-party blog-writing application. Whatever you call it. Kind of like Wordpress? I love how you can blog and see exactly how the entry would look like. It’s slower compared to just using your browser but I find this one neat, organized and, well, useful. Well at least for OC people like me who love organization, workflow, etc. From what I’m seeing, the interface will be the same with whatever blogging service you are using. You can also edit previous blog posts and save posts/drafts locally or online.

blogging via windows writer 3

Preview your posts before publishing? iLove.blogging via windows writer

You can even add multiple accounts if you have other blogs/accounts. It supports a long list of blogging platforms/services so compatibility shouldn’t be an issue. The first time you open your application, it will ask for your blog URL, username and password. It all starts from there. Quite easy, cause I was able to make this work, haha. You will still probably use your web browser especially if you host your photos somewhere else, but basic tasks can be done in the application itself.

Learn more about it here and here. Or go download it straight here. Obvs, it’s PC only.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Magazines / Mag Rack: June 2009 / Mega, Preview, Garage, Enrich

june 09 mags

As usual, I got all my regular mags already except for Rogue. You think if I subscribed I'd get Rogue on time, if not early? ● June-July Garage has this special supplement again (part of a series of lookbooks I think); this time they featured the Gap. Nice back to school issue. ● So I got Enrich again—that magazine from Mercury Drug. I just can't help but love the graphic masthead and the paper—the paper is so nice! ● Mega June has a 30-page Paris portfolio. Very nice. But the cover ed is not as inspiring. ● Marian Rivera again on Preview; this one's def better than the first one though. This issue includes a special bridal/wedding supplement. It is usually just a special in-mag feature but this time they presented it as a supplement. Super nice! It's also supersized (by Preview "supplements so far" standards). Plus the masthead—it's foil-blocked! Love.

preview bride

Fashion & Style / Style Sundays: 07 June 2009