Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Thoughts / Nikon D5000

d5000 nikond5000 nikon
d5000 nikond5000 nikon

Dear D60,

Forgive me for I have been looking at other cameras as of late. I know it’s not even a year since we’ve been together…but I’m only human and I can’t help but take notice of this new beauty. It has everything you don’t have: live view…


large swivel-LCD screen, bigger built, and my favorite of all—video recording. HD, I think. Almost like D60+D90=D5000. Oh well. But worry not because I love you just the same. It’s a good thing that in cameraland, there’s no such thing as adultery, hehehe.  We’ll still be together, anyway. It’s not like I can just put you back in your box and get myself a new shiny D5000 anytime soon—unless I recover some sort of genie-in-a-bottle in our recycle bin, we’ll be together for quite a long time.



Images via DPreview

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