Sunday, June 7, 2009

Magazines / Mag Rack: June 2009 / Mega, Preview, Garage, Enrich

june 09 mags

As usual, I got all my regular mags already except for Rogue. You think if I subscribed I'd get Rogue on time, if not early? ● June-July Garage has this special supplement again (part of a series of lookbooks I think); this time they featured the Gap. Nice back to school issue. ● So I got Enrich again—that magazine from Mercury Drug. I just can't help but love the graphic masthead and the paper—the paper is so nice! ● Mega June has a 30-page Paris portfolio. Very nice. But the cover ed is not as inspiring. ● Marian Rivera again on Preview; this one's def better than the first one though. This issue includes a special bridal/wedding supplement. It is usually just a special in-mag feature but this time they presented it as a supplement. Super nice! It's also supersized (by Preview "supplements so far" standards). Plus the masthead—it's foil-blocked! Love.

preview bride


  1. Hi! I got Preview already and will buy Garage maybe tomorrow. I'm itching to buy STELLA. They feature Japanese Harajuku styling in this issue so Im excited. Are they any good? I cant see the name of the publisher anywhere on the cover... uh oh

  2. I don't have stella yet but i have seen it already and i think it's a nice mag. it's from the same publisher as garage, imagine, fudge, WE, etc—sesame seed creatives. IMHO it's the girl version of garage—look, feel, target market, etc. and, yes, i find the current ish of stella quite exciting too though i'm not sure yet if i'll get one (i've ben trying to cut on my magazine consumption hehehe)

  3. Wow! Hataw ang sesame seed! They just prove that print is still alive and kicking, in Blahnik heels of chorz! Thanks a lot, i'll be off to my fave newsstand in no time!