Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Thoughts / Week in Review: 21-27 June 2009

This week was quite uneventful, not counting the recent big-name deaths of MJ and FF. Had lots of free time, but I don't really know what to do with it. Maybe I just got used to the rush-rush and busy-busy state of things that I don't quite know anymore what to do when there's nothing (yet) much to do.


↑ I had a lot of stuff to read and see; just exactly what I need in times of internet deprivation, haha. Plus I found new gems at our library (the ones with pink labels). I monitor my favorite books there, you know. Will post about the books later (or eventually :-)).

↑ Still trying to settle in our new dorm. I’d love to call it spanking new but spanking and sparkling new it is not. It’s already livable—that is if you can bear the daily power outages, water interruptions, and construction sounds. But I’m not (exactly) complaining; just stating facts. When I think about it, I’m actually in a better position compared to others so I’m really grateful. Just a few more weeks maybe then it’s dorm nirvana (at least facilities-wise; the service is another story, hehe). More photos here.


↑ It’s always nice to share stuff to people who appreciate the same things you do. Here’s Ma'am Ann (who btw has a blog, here)—a Jak and Jil virgin no more, hahaha.


↑ After church with, R-L, Bea (whose been wearing some nice new outfits recently, as seen live and online; innit super high time for another shoot?), Princess (camera shy no more; or now lang?), Curves (sporting his super nice round sunnies), Melanie (one whose skirts are getting shorter and necklines getting deeper), Tabeth (nice dress!), Bivan (nanunungay), Dana and Jireh (question: is that a smile, smirk, pre-laugh or all of the above? haha). More photos here.


↑ At the birthday treat for the choir of Denice. And all we had to do was to text him (a joke that was half meant half serious)—no coaxing and cajoling necessary. Thanks, ha! Anyway, Dana really is the all-around anytime anywhere party package. Ilovit. Though, our jokes basically revolved around themes of which are (light) green including WWWWWHs of Dana’s first kiss. More photos here.

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