Sunday, June 21, 2009

Random Thoughts / Art Petron 9

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Last week, the Art Petron people went to our school to promote Art Petron 9—”Alay sa Pamilihang Bayan (A Tribute to Philippine Markets)”, their annual student art contest.

art petron 9

Just a school-to-school promotion of sorts. Prior to this, I had no plans of joining. Now, I'm playing with the idea of submitting an entry. Painting, photography, or both, we'll see. It's my last year of school anyway so why the hell not?

CSC_2586 CSC_2592
On a side note, grabe, we waited for two hours. Ok me I intentionally came late because I had to finish something so I waited for two hours not, hehe.


folio art petron

I wanted to get Folio, the free magazine by Art Petron but alas, we sat on the wrong side of the hall—they distributed it starting from the other side. They ran out of copies. Never reached us. Meh. There's a digital download online but hey, I want the tangible real life copy. Hmm. Anyway, they said that this particular issue of Folio contained stuff that would give us an idea of what to shoot/paint, where, etc. Like a starting point for those who do not know where to start. As for me, I just wanted to have a copy.


More info here. More photos here.

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