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Magazines / Mag Rack: September 2009 / Preview

Preview September 09
I'm off to the grocery and I'm sure by the time I get back, I won't be able to post anything na so let me do a quick post. This post just can't wait...well, at least this photo. The reviews, next week!! iHope! hehehe

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Random Thoughts / Posting via Mobile Web

Mmmmm, bagal. Have to figure out this thing out.

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Art & Design / Fantasmagoria @ Java Jazz Café

fantasmagoria poster6x
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Fantasmagoria: Pigment and Figment
Java Jazz Café & Gallery
442 Tagaytay – Calamba Road
Sungay West, Tagaytay City

Opening cocktails tonight @ 5pm

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Events / Things I’ll be missing this week…

↑ Manila Design Week/Graphika Manila. For schedules and info, click here.

tsuper 2
↑ Tsuper 2 Launch. 11 August 2009 @ Mag:Net BHS, 7pm (Click to enlarge)


If you’ve got nothing much to do this week, why not check these events out? :-)

Magazines / Mag Rack: August 2009 / Uno, Flow, Preview, Garage


As usual, Rogue's always the last one to appear at the stands. But if, like me, you want to see the new covers ASAP, go directly to the site (or here!).
  • UNO / I never really planned on buying Uno again, but upon seeing the stuff inside (via an open copy at the store), I gave in to the temptation and got one. Interesting eds and features, though it's quite bitin. And ohyeah, the JC-super-raw-burnt-sepia-effect/style plus the squat pose? IMHO it's kindof getting tired na. But a nice issue, overall. I esp. liked the illustrations on the "bombshell" feature. (I just hope they would reconsider a soft redesign to make Uno look less Rogue-ish.)
  • FLOW / Very very very nice. And quite unexpected too. When I found about who this issue's curator was (Cesar Gaupo), I thought I was in for some fierce shoe/fasyon surprise. Not! I like how they avoided the Cesar-Gaupo-let's-feature-shoes-and-fashion formula and offered us something different (though I would def not mind if they included a pair or two, hehe). I just noticed that it used the same paper all through out (compared to past issues where different papers are used) and that it did not have any page numbers (interesting move although I'd love to ask why because somehow I find it confusing).
  • PREVIEW / I think the cover is quite static. Which is probably the point? Cause the healine says "back to basics"? It's okay looking but ok looking is not something I'd use to describe Preview, esp its covers. The past six, seven issues all had the wow covers save for this one. But inside, bravo. I like. Just bitin, as usual. More eds, please! :-) Let's all hope that the September ish would be something thick and heavy.
  • GARAGE / Happy birthday! Garage turns one with this issue. This is also the male fasyon mag equivalent of Preview's best dressed issue. I loved all the eds, the features, and the new design which looked solid and polished. I liked everything about it except for one thing: the section openers that looked part-Elle, part-Vogue Paris. Also, just a humble word of advice: it's nice to see Garage's design getting better issue after issue but redesigning over and over is quite tiring, no. Also, I think that the foil blocking could be better. Nice move there but IMHO, it just looked quite sad (I checked all the copies, they're all the same..). Look at Preview's foil-blocked title, it's flawless. Still, this is something worth buying esp. now since it's Garage's anniversary issue. Again, happy mag birthday!

Magazines / At the stands now...



Random Thoughts / Halp


Random Thoughts / I Missed That Big Part of History



Well, at least physically. But in spirit, I was there. Sabi ko. Studying in a boarding school far from the Manila usually means missing a lot of the metro action. Case in point: President Cory week. Grabe, as if there was a news blackout of some sort. I only get my bits of news from the internet and the major dailies. And the AM. I need my own AM na, azin. My brother has AM in his phone but of course, that’s his. Can't use it any time I want to, you know.

God bless her, and her family, and Pilipinas too.


Taken last Wednesday, 5 August 2009.

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Random Thoughts / I love Caslon

We who?

I’m so backblogged. Sometimes, I wish there’d be 60 hours even for just one day so there would be enough time (and energy?) for everything. I can’t quite function well cause you see, my external drive is still sick (I refuse to call it broken…). I’m praying that it’ll get well soon ASAP.

I will try to post an entry every now and then but normal programming will resume when things get back to normal, or at least a decent OK state (read: not busybee).


Fashion & Style / Style Sundays: 9 August 2009


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