Sunday, June 29, 2008

Louis Vuitton FW 08 AD

vuitton ad fw 08

Naiisip mo ba ang naiiisip ko??
Are You thinking what I'm thinking??

Photo from Mr Style

Circle Squared

__ - A Tale of Giving By Todd St. John. During the holiday season, an imaginary animal kingdom puts the Golden Rule to the test.

*Webby Winner for Best Use of Animation/Graphics

*Nominated for 2008 Daytime Emmy


I love this video. The idea of the 'circle of life', food chain or whatever you call it is brilliantly animated, executed and square-ized in this film.

It also reminds me of that (expensive for a) stapler I bought last year:
crocodile 2

Video from The New York Times

Religion / The Great Outdoors — Photo Friday



Topic this week: Religion
I took this photo last year during a special Christmas program at church. It was called, if i remember correctly, the "Nativity in shadows" or something like that.


The Great Outdoors


Topic last week: The Great Outdoors

I was not able to post last week so here (click to enlarge)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stuff I've been thinking...Web Conundrums

It's weekend and I should've posted a thing or two but, hohwell, there's been a lot of things running in my mind recently. I've got a lot of stuff to share here but. I've been preparing stuff to make a little face lift here at the Happy Lab..and well..if you've noticed, the blog dimensions got bigger. That's a start! I quite have learned a lot of html/web tips/tricks but I still have a lot to learn! I still don't have a proper image host and a I want the 'jump' thing, so that I could hide a part of my post, that kind of stuff. The jump thing can wait, but the image hosting cannot! When I read about Chuva's post on flickr (read it here), I got so so stressed as to what to do and where to transfer the stuff. Well, I get anxious and stressed out with just about anything! Even the strange whirring sound of my scanner makes me nervous and anxious that there might be a problem.

Anyway, so there. I'm still figuring out where to host my pics, somewhere I can host long term, until I'm legit and ok enough to pay..hehe. Any sugestions? Here are my options:
  • Blogger/Picasa—a GB of space but with blogger, I can images show up only as big (or small) as 400px wide. And with picasa, an image directs you to its page, Flickr style. I want at least 600px wideand it should direct to its own url not a page (get it?) so you can save it or see a bigger version probably.
  • Flickr—I love it because it is so easy to use! But I can only post my own pics so..yeah
  • Multiply—almost! If not for that unsightly logo/watermark at the lower right corner. It's quite fair and ok but, not all the time esp. when I post pictures of magazines, covers, and the likes
  • Photobucket—well, I just fear that I might someday use up all that storage and be in a crossroad gain. Plus the bandwidth stuff. (i know i know, i don't post as much and have as much hits but, these things bother me heheh)
  • ImageVenue—never used it before but I see it in TFS and it seems ok. But a GB of paid space?
What do you think? Any advice or comment will be much appreciated. :-)

In the meantime (or for a long time probably until I cross another crossroad, options, whatever) I'd use Flickr and Multiply and Photbucket.

Should I fianlly decide to get a decent host and pay, it has to be super sure, and only one service provider at a time. It's only now that I've considered paying for stuff like these because as said earlier, I wanted something long term. But not that I would do it anytime soon...with my student budget, my student schedule, my other priorities (read: things to buy)/my love for magazines and any other printed publications out there, it's quite not so happening. YET! hehe And besides, I don't have much readers anyway (yet?) so... hehehehehe

Not just a face lift! I have some stuff coming up, not just here (!), so, stay tuned :-)
And, yeah, thanks for reading my blog :-)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dear Frenkey

Omg walang pasok omg walang pasok omg walang pasok (Translation: No classes!)
But don't you feel quite guilty, while we (ok I) enjoy all these stuff eg. no classes brought by the typhoon, some people are suffering and are currently under super stress? Oh well God bless them

Meanwhile, I'll be finishing some stuff and will be back here later with some blog "updates"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Movement — Photo Friday

No. 388 this week

Topic this week: Movement

Philippine Fashion Week 2008

Beautiful photography of Lawrence Antaran during Philippine Fashion Week 08. Thanks for the pics! :- )

Here are my top picks and favorites from the Philippine Fashion Week, which happened early June, 2008. Just a disclaimer though—these are not necessarily the ‘best’ among the rest (I’m no fashion genius reviewer Suzy-Cathy-level or something) and, also, this is not a hardcore fashion review or something, so there. Hehe …Not that you would not take this seriously though. Just take this as a ‘male opinion’ on fashion, or more specifically, womenswear. Although there were men’s pieces here and there, I really didn’t see much menswear on the collections. It won’t hurt to hear some ‘male opinion’ on womenswear, right?? Anyway, it is us who you dress for (just kidding!) would appreciate (or to some, judge??) how you look overall—besides from you of course. And your seat mate probably. And your girl friends. And your frenemies. Hehe

I checked on Clickthecity's galleries just now and they have the menswear photos up (6/17)! I'll check it out and see..and make a part 2 of this post..later. B-)

Also, because I didn’t ‘actually’ attend the whole thing and I just got most of my pics/PFW stuff here, I cannot identify whose collection these are—designers or otherwise. If you have info on the following stuff, just let me know so I can credit it!! hehe

Hwoooh…inspirations….Let’s start!!
(Click to see details/enlarge photos)

+From the New Generation collections (Alodia Cecilia, Anna Lean Salvador, Ciege Cagalawan, Dax Bayani, Gerswin Qua, Gionna Cabrera, Gretchen Pichay, Lizanne Cua, Marc Rancy, Nikki Sonico, Patrick Galang and Prisara Morales):

Oh, look at those prints! Although I cannot really understand those spiky legwear (1st and 4th, left) Neutral shades…nice and earthy…

I like the geometry of the dresses 1-4, from left. The first one is Mondrian-ish, no? The next 3, I just liked the aesthetics.. Nice jewel tone (right??) on the 3-4th (from right) although I don’t understand why the model had to carry the bag so awkwardly. Or is it the one being presented??

+From the Design Fusion collections (Benjie Panizales, Butz Fuentes, Catherine Cavilte, Czarina Villa, Emi-Alexander Englis, Happy Andrada, Jerome Lorico, Nholie Pilapil, Nicky Martinez, Noe Reyes, Nolle Vineza and Ronan Opina):

The most interesting menswear I’ve seen from the whole batch (1-3rd from left)! It’s something I would wear during takutan days (read: avant garde-y). Or on normal days too, probably. Look at the print (middle)! That’s Bella Flores, right?? (a local Filipina actress) I loyk! These super red/dark pieces (1-3rd from right) remind me of one of the 7 deadly sins..hmmm hehe

Do I see Shrek or Durian here?? Joke! (1-3rd from left) Cute shapes (or is that silhouette??)! It’s just looks two durian-ey and Shrek-y. But still kawaii. Hehe Interesting pieces (middle)..but it quite looks like..hmmm..McQueen much? Or Lanvin much? Hehe Nice details!! (1-3rd from right) For me, it looks fishy—but not in a bad or Gaultier-y way! :-)

+From the Luxe Wear Collection A (Aldrich Aparicio, Arnold Galang, Chris Diaz, Dimple Lim, Jay Sustiguer, John Paras, Melvin Lachica, Mich Duice, Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos, Pencil Diestra, Reian Mata, Renee Salud, Rolando Lirio and Shanon Pamaong):

Monochromatic colors and geometry! The details on looks 1-6th from left are really interesting. IMO, looks 2-4th (from right/middle) are something you would see in streets of, Helsinki, no? hehe The colored/print look (right) looks nice too. Are those fold-like details intentional or not? Either way, I think it looks ok!

From monochromatic to a burst of color!! Isn’t it inspiring? Even exciting? Hehe I don’t understand why Yohji Yamamoto doesn’t like color (or Karl sometimes, although I still like them). Mmmm, do I have to tell which international collections these pieces seem to be inspired from? Hehe It may or may not be ‘inspired from’ though…but look at the next picture:

Super come on!! Tadadadan, dadadadan??!! Read Bryanboy’s thoughts about it here. Yes, you can be inspired from other designers, houses, or anything, but, this much? Looks like somebody had way to much Prada SS08..hehe

So there you have it! :-)

See more here:
Menswear (my 10 cents later !!)
Premier Collection C
Luxe Wear Collection B
Premier Collection B
Design Fusion
Luxe Wear Collection A
New Generation Collection

Top Picture from FoBlow
All Runway pictures, from (Ian Ong)
Prada Runway pictures, from NYMag (Imaxtree)
Related, Clickthecity

I still have a few ‘fasyon’ posts, as in fasyon shows/collections to come (one post long overdue hehe) so stay tuned :-) Thanks!!

Plus, men's shows are coming, next week right?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sumo Aggy


I know..I know..I really find it quite funny how everybody makes a big fuss if some famous personality does 'something'. Right?? But it really can't be helped, especially when it's a model doing something, really..something other than posing in front of the camera or walking on the runway. I try to watch videos of models actually know..just to check if they're human! hehe And now, here we have Aggyness sumo-wrestling in a sumo suit! hehe Which made me like love her even more. :-)

Video from here
Related, Fashionista

PS Did you count how many 'somethings' I said??? hehe

Nescafe ad—"Freshman"


Finally! This was on my list-of-stuff-to-blog-but-i-can't-yet because i can't find a video then..'s here! I thought it was a foreign TV ad until probably on the 4-5th time watching it, I saw the really familiar halls and staircase there..and a jeep! The 3D animation/effects were really nice and cool.. And now..the people responsible for this wow ad:

Agency: Publicis Manila
Creative Director: JJ Henson
Art Director: Dan Sanchez, Mike Talampas
Copywriter: Mike Chua
Production House: UNITEL Productions Inc.
Product: NESCAFE 3 in 1
Advertiser: Nestle Philippines
Producer: Babes Reyes
Director: Matthew Rosen
Colorist: The Post, Bangkok
Visual Effects: 422, United Kingdom

Mm, the visual effects are by 422 UK..I thought it was made by Filipinos? hehe If it was, I hope they crash course Big Brother style (without the cameras ha) the effects people of our local shows so we could finally breath some fresh air of world class graphics. I mean come on, 98.999% of our local TV shows with graphics, especially the fantasy shows make effects like it's..1989?? Right?? hehe Sorry but that's what I think! There *some* good sfx here and there but...Oh well oh well..

In the end..I think it is a class ad! hehe Quality wise. Idea-wise, I think it still is nice (and class!). It's exactly what was going on in my mind when I first entered college. (Or any level for that matter) Hokay.....what do you think? Alien..elyen...hoohooo. :-)

Video from Danpotpogi

Thursday, June 12, 2008

110th Philippine Independence Day

110th philippine independence day

110th philippine independence day (1)

110th philippine independence day (2)

110th philippine independence day (3)


Happy 110th Independence day, Pilipinas :-)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Weng Weng

wang weng


I don't know why, but I have some strange fascination for 70's-80's culture. I find it strange and at the same time amusing! I can go all day defending explaining why/whatever but, well, that would take all day. haha Anyway, In the recent entry of Chuvaness, she featured Weng Weng. I didn't bother to watch the video because we had a photoshoot (!) yesterday and the day was really draining. hehe 2-3 entries later, most of the readers' icons changed and I started wondering WWWWH it is!! It's Weng Weng!! I didn't know him until now. Probably, I've seen him in movies before, but I guess I was too young to recognize or rememeber him. He's so well known, he even has a Wikipedia entry, and a French mini website!! hehe WHen i saw Weng Wng..i kind of though of these two people Palito and Kokey. hehe He looks like a midget version of Palito and a tamer version of Kokey (that hydrocephalic burn victim alien, according to Inday), no?


Kokey (L)

Strange...but Cute! Happy Weng Weng day! Now, I have a new SMS alert tone. :-}

PS Read this Aussie Filmaker's blog, Andrew Leavold and see how Weng Weng turned a fascination into a ten-year obsession. hehe

Weng Weng photo / Source
Kokey photo / Source
Palito photo / Source
Videos from Nostalgia Manila Youtube Channel/Blog, Reverend00Flasher
Related / Chuvaness, Andrew Leavold

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ma Dame "Badass"


Is NYMag trying to replace 'fierce' with badass? Hehe Watch Aggy's new ad for JPG's new fragrance, Ma Dame. It sure is fierce badass! She had long hair at the first part—imagine. hahaha KISS!

Video from j50cent
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Tools — Photo Friday

I'm no. 30 this week!

Photofriday topic this week: Tools

Thursday, June 5, 2008



I miss you Shin! Funny video.

From her Youtube channel.

"I am Not Yours" / Ish 8.4


"I am Not Yours"
Ish 8.4
Ish 8.4

Photography: Olivier Henry/Milk Photographie
Stylist: Furqan Saini / Chloe Law (assistant)
Graphics & Art: Jaz Loh
Hair: Jenny Lee
Make-up: Hui Mei
Model: Lera/Ave
Quotes: I am not yours by Sara Teasdale

More Pictures here
All images, scanned by Me :-)

"A Soul Left to Lose" / Ish 8.4


"A Soul Left to Lose"
Ish 8.4
Ish 8.4

Photography: Olivier Henry/Milk Photographie
Stylist: Siau Xindi
Hair & Make-up: Sha
Model: Pedro D/Upfront
Quotes: Charles Bukowski (1920-1994)

More Pictures Here
All images, scanned by Me :-)

"Pop!" / Ish 8.4


Ish 8.4
Ish 8.2

Photography: Olivier Henry/Milk Photographie
Stylist: Siau Xindi / Adore (assistant)
Hair & Make-up: Dollei Seah
Dancers: Bryan Chan & Robert Mills from Singapore Dance Theater

More Pictures Here
All images, scanned by me :-)

Coco Rocha


I loyk Coco. Watch her speak (!) and be bitten by her dog Peekaboo here.


Screen grabs from video @ MDX

Japan Home Center

Japan Home Center Store @ TriNoMa, QC

I love this store. Athough more less 80% of my purchases and expenses involve magazines, I still set aside some money to buy myself something, erm, non-magazine. hehe This store is full of crap useful and beautiful, although sometimes, quite novel things you never thought you'd need. Need? Or want. I just love stores that make you go "wtheck is this??"

Chocoloate texture (or whatever you call it) clear files/books. I bought one before and used it as my porfolio filer. But my teacher still has it. Hmm, I should get it back, no? These are way better than those boring and plai clear books; it even has a cd jacket inside, say, for a cd version of whatever you put there.

Organizers and corkboards. I better get one—I want a mood board.

Hello kitty plastic. The instructions were in japanese, so I was like wtheck. I just assumed this as a plastic bag. You know, supot?? Everything is 88 pesos inside, except for a select few—the ones with 55 peso tags. But P88 for supot?

Another set of knick-knack containers

And now, the WTH portion...

WTH? Oddly-shaped sponge set. For painting (art effect) perhaps? or makeup? or for the dishes? ngek

WTH? Super inexpensive speakers! I'm pretty sure though that this would sound tinny and canny (read: lata) hehe. But for P88, consider this as a toy. Or office supply that the boss (and office mates) would either hate or love. Or confiscate-able school item. Or tool for pranks.

WTH? I vant! Ala cellphone housing like it's 2000.

WTH? I need. Maybe.

WTH? Based on the illustration, it is used to cover the scratches on wood like tables or doors. This one wins the wildest imagination award.

My favorite item...tandadadan..

I should have bought two. Or three! I can't find these orange traffic/road thing anymore. Hardware perhaps? Not. I want the same thing—size color look and feel. And price!! Sorry if I had to make an appearance here..I should've covered my face ala thebaghag. hehe

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Off Piste's was brought to you by...

view the event...again..


...tandadan..Alfie of Activenture! I supposed you (yes, you?) wouldn't bother reading my Off Piste entry again if i edit it so, here, another Off Piste entry. hehe Let's give Mr. Alfie and Co. of Activenture a round of applause for making the event possible! hwoohoo! :-D They were not able to start on time because the projectors were not aligned the night before; it rained hard until the sun came up. Actually, i it wasn't my, ahem, birthday (haha) then, i wouldn't have minded, hehehe. And besides, how would we enjoy the projector super show if they started @ 6pm? It was still sortof bright then. Anyway, the super event was really nice naman, so, super bawi!

The rest of the Off Piste magicians...

Team Manila (Mon Punzalan and Joey Alviar) *clap clap*
Robo Monkey Pixel Fighters (Jonas Diego, Laya Florendo) *clap clap*
Robert Quilao of Cutting Edge Productions *clap clap*

I'm looking forward to go to future super events like this! :-)


More Info Here

Monday, June 2, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent


RIP Yves Saint Laurent (1937-2008)
The one I used to call EE-ves Seynt Low-rent when I was younger (read: elementary)
The one I thought was already dead (sorry, i was [and still] naive)
The one of the few remaining living (fashion) legends, until yesterday of course.
I'm not directly affected of course. But, aint it sad?

Random Trivia: Did you know that he got drafted into military service? I didn't know that.

Video from damionmatthews
Related NYMAG / AP /

Preview June 2008

Preview June 2008

Gatefold Cover.
Click the images to see in full-size glory. Supersize it!

I don't know what to say! First off, I have to congratulate Preview for this super wonderful terrific super Prada gatefold cover. And Happy Anniversary! But why. Why them?? Hehe I'm sorry but, IMRRSHO, Ria B or Ana S or somebody else could've rocked and worked these super Prada Fairy collection clothes and shoes. Or if I have to choose one or two, maybe I'd go for Kim Chiu and/or Carla Humphries. Yes! Magazine helped Preview compile a list of covergirls. According to Preview/Yes!, these are these up and coming superstars we have to watch out for. Nice. But come on. I'm wondering if some of these girls know what they are wearing, how major these clothes are. Haha JKJK Do you think these are the same clothes on Sasha's body? Or Lara's? Or Stam's?

On the contributors' page they were asked the following questions. Can I answer it too?? ;-]
My Wish for Preview: a Raquel Zimmerman Cover or Ana Sideco in Balenciaga SS08?? hehe More more more clothes editorials pages success. And a men's section! Two of your contributors wished for the same thing. Preview Homme?
When I think of preview, I think of: LOVE hahaha :-D

Super good job Preview for at least Previewfying these girls—super! At least they never fail me, visually and creativity-ly speaking. Good thing everything inside is really a super treat. Bawing-bawi! If not for the cover girl choices, I can probably say that this is the best Cover and Best issue so far. Best issue? Here's why:

Ana Sideco again! Yay! Oh, just imagine if this was the cover. That hair, illustration, and the prada clothes. And oh, Preview should get the best in tanning award already! hehe

Creative genuises! They always outdo themselves every issue. And hooray for Auggie Fontanilla for those super illustrations (Wonder Wall). These really made up for...hehe. Preview is super ready for the world. They should distribute internationally! Haha

Other magazines who used Prada for their covers:

From L-R: Japanese Vogue, Korean Vogue, French Vogue. If I'm not mistaken, these are all March 2008 covers. The Korean Vogue cover looks like the March 08 Preview. Nice!!

On the red corner..Preview! And on the blue corner...Vogue Korea!

Maja Salvador vs. Doutzen Kroes

Han Hye Jin vs. Yasmien Kurdi

What do you think?



Vogue Photos from TFS / Kanna @ TFS / hfgl @ TFS
Preview Cover Photographed by Mark Nicdao; Cover Ed by Jake Versoza; Wonderwall Ed photographed by Charles Buenconsejo