Friday, May 30, 2008

Off Piste - In the Land of Kustaa Saksi


I'm glad I went there and saw the magic of Kustaa Saksi and the Filipino Animators. hwoohoo! It was so nice...but...why 1) did it start so late (??) 2) was it too short (as in bitin)? I thought we were late because we were still on the road @ 630pm and the poster said it was going to start at 6pm @ the CCP Main Theater Driveway. My friend, Kervin, who went with me (thanks!!) said "Finnish artist, Filipino organizers". LOL. When we got there, they were still aligning the projectors, setting up the artworks. Haha Probably, I just misunderstood the 6pm time? Did the 6pm time mean 6 pm opening and cocktails (which we didn't have any, btw, and by choice haha)? Maybe. But the stuff we saw made up for it's really late start (730pm). Anyway, sorry if some pics are unclear and blurry. I didn't have a tripod..I was overwhelmed, and I saw several people that made me really, uneasy. Because their presence is just so...surreal??

It started with the Philippine National anthem and an animated flag. Imagine a design school here with flag ceremonies like this. How cool is that?

While waiting, Kervin (L) and me did a little picture time..hehe Dailyoutfit!

Aligning the projectors...

People chit-chatting...chuchu-ing...

Hey..lookie on the guy reading a mag on the right. Guess who?


Ilove..but it was moving so fast, I could not photograph it. Plus I was so overwhelmed hwooowooo...

Plus the beautiful bravo-ific trailer of Dayo. But the end sfx sounded like, er, Feng Shui? hehe But it was awesome; can't wait to see it.

Oh, Imelda. You're so Imeldific. You're so Iconic. So iconic, you're like a walking logo of yourself. LOL Iloveit.

Yay! That's Mr. Jeroen (left), Ms. Cecile's husband. (this is so ackward, I dunno how to call them??) She's the other reason why I could not concentrate that night. While waiting, I saw shadows of familiar people. I was 100% sure who they were. It was a monmon moment. Remember a character in Mojacko, Momonja? When he sees Mojacko's sister Mojari, he becomes a stone. haha That's the Monmon moment.

I asked for a photo with CVS but she could not - she just had a, was that rebond? Hair treatment that is, in the words of Kervin, Photosensitive. hehe Funny, no? Strange first meeting moment. hehe But it was alright. She instead took a picture of me with her Little Miss Marc, Kervin, and now in this picture, Pepper Lunch's ninang Lia (or Lea? Liya? Kebede? hehe)

Guess who's silhouette this is? I shot this one earlier, when I saw them leave and thought I would never have to time *and* courage to get near and talk to her. hahaha Am I strange or what?

It was so nice meeting you (and co.)! Hope to see you again, hopefully when you're not under hair treatment (hehe) and on your CDGs or Martahns. hahaha JK and Thank you for the LCD cleaner!! Though honestly, it took me a little while to get WWWWH it is.

A collage/mix video of the event..


Click Me to view more info/the trailer of Dayo.
Click Me to see more pictures of the event.

PS If you have an idea who the culprit of this super fun and inspiring event is, please inform me. I didn't get to write down what they was dark...and a hassle! hehe



  1. Hi Edrick,

    Alfie here of Activenture Inc. I was the culprit of that event. My apologies for the late start. Projectors could not be aligned the night before because it was raining very hard the whole night until 6 a.m. that morning. For obvious reasons, the projectors could not be aligned during the daytime. =) Just the same, am very glad you enjoyed the show. We promise to put up a better show on our next art show openings.