Monday, December 29, 2008

Films & Videos / Strawberry Earth

Strawberries & Cream from Strawberry Earth on Vimeo.

Type-tastic again!! Very cool graphics too. Lovit. A video about how "we can save the environment by organizing the way we spend our money".

PS (esp to type junkies and the extra observant)—I tried to identify the origins of the cut-out letters. M and I are from Miu Miu, no? How about the other letters?

Via Blad Blog (Translated)

Fashion & Style / Shirt


Just the way I like it—long and graphic. Cool print! Now..mmm. Let's wait and see..if these things become so widespread (like the henry holland shirt phase most people had).

Photo, Source, via Rodeo



Very nice! Type lovers, watch this. I just wish they laid out all the letters at the end of the video.

Video via Blad Blog (translated)

Random Thoughts / Christmas Wishlist 2008: Books

A series of posts about what I want this Christmas holiday season, which I assume would run until after the new year week. Will post these things until it becomes a reality sometime after new year. :-) In random order.

This Christmas New Year, I want:

  • Books

  • Sometimes inspirations (and information!) come not only in pixels, bits and bytes; they also come in different forms that can be touched, smelled, flicked, etc. It can collect dust too.
*All prices are estimates. It varies from store to store (I saw these books at the ff stores: National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Powerbooks) and depends on how I accurate I can remember...

graphic design now, taschen
GRAPHIC DESIGN NOW by Charlotte and Peter Fiell (Taschen), P735*
Profiles, Works and samples of different artists/designers. This one tops my list because of its value and affordability. I'd gift myself with this if I don't get it..hehe (Photo/Info)

contemporary graphic design, taschen
CONTEMPORARY GRAPHIC DESIGN by Charlotte and Peter Fiell (Taschen), P2100-2500*
Basically the same book, just bigger, more shushala and has more stuff. I've been lusting for this book *thiiiiiiiiis* long. It's quite pricey but basing on what's inside, i'm sure it'd be worth it. It's so thick too; I have quite the tendency to base value on thickness and size..hehehehe (Photo/Info)

the production manual, ambrose, harris
A very useful how-to book about the print/production world for budding and young designers like me! HAHHAHAHAHAHA!! Like me my @$$! LOL. (Photo/Info)

layout book by max weber
THE LAYOUT LOOK BOOK by Max Weber (Collins Design), P1500-2000* (+/-)
A showcase of different artists' works. I get a creative kick just by looking at the super inspirational works of others. (Photo/Info)

42nd publication design annual, spd
42nd PUBLICATION DESIGN ANNUAL by SPD (Society of Publication Designers)(Rockport), P2800-3000 (+/-)
A yearbook of sorts of the publication/editorial design industry; it shows works the outstanding works of different agencies/publications during the year 2006. I have been exposed to this industry (somehow, as my parents work in that environment, although not necessarily in the design area) ever since I was a child—that is probably where I can attribute my magazine/book obsession and print fetish (hah!). Or probably I just got bitten by the design bug and it developed from there. Anyway, this is a great book with loads and loads of inspirational works, page after page after page. (The featured works were so inspirational, so inspiring that one local publication here has a work that is very similar to the one I found on this book. Hmmmm!! Tsk, tsk. This is for a separate stay tuned.) (Photo/Info)

tokyo street style by tiffany godoy
TOKYO STREET STYLE: FASHION IN HARAJUKU by Tiffany Godoy (Thames & Hudson)
Avante Garde and full tokyo fashion inspiration goodness inside. Honestly, it's not exactly the pictures and stuff that made me lust after this book—it's the design/layout/typography!! Eye love!! The cover is quite simple compared to what you'll see inside. Amazing pictures+great design+cool type=love. (Photo/Info)

style deficit disorder, tiffany godoy
The only book in this set that I haven't seen and checked out in the flesh. I've only seen this online. It's form the same creators of Tokyo Street Style so probably it's just as good (maybe even better!!) (Photo/Info, Website)

That's all for now. I want to have all the design/fashion/culture/arts/architecture/etc books in the world but we all know that is quite on the impossible side. Santa, if you're reading this, it isn't too late and I am NOT too old—email me for my address. :-)

Magazines / Manny


Shushal mo, Manny Pacquiao. Dami covers, dami money, dami friends (or frenemy..jk), dami fans, dami offers, dami anak (!), dami controversy, dami girls...joke!!, etc. If there's one thing I want to say, please, forget about politics. Stay away from it like a deadly plague. Just box. Showbiz at most. But def not politics. Please. Thank you.

Random Thoughts / Hypochondria or Real?

I have been having back pains every now and then. Probably because of the 10-20kg baggage I lug from Silang, Cavite, to Caloocan, Metro Manila. It was okay-er then because it goes away eventually. But recently, it kindof got a little worse, especially when I'm standing too long or sitting in a wrong position. I quite don't have a stick-straight posture you know.

Then this crazy thought just hist me. OC moment. Or hypochondria much?? I quickly checked out our super outdated, 12-year-old (but still quite useful) Philippine Heath Guide book to check something out. Flick, flick..there. What if????

big c

1 - No
2 - I gave myselfa little boo-boo 2 days ago; it's quite ok now, so No. (Despite the fact that I have DM2, so thank you Lord!)
3 - None that I know of
4 - No
5 - No
6 - No
7 - No (as much as I want to! hahah of course, in the safest and healthiest way!!)
8 - Thank God, No
9 - The last time I looked at the mirror, No

But the back pain won't let me rest assured. Although at least I can say I definitely don't experience any of the said symptoms. Second check, online. Still, non. After pages and links of information, I finally decided to close this case.

Until later in the afternoon when I learned that one co-worker of my parents got a positive cancer result. Sad! And frightening for me. I don't exactly have the healthiest lifestyle here, you know. I don't get to do a lot of super duper active stuff AND I sleep late. Apparently, one of the factors was sleeping late (not so healthy system). And I am the number one crime commiter when it comes to sleeping late! OMG. I think I fainted there for one second. Hypochondria moment again. At least I eat my veggies and fruits.

Oh, Lord, please not. And bless the co-worker/friend of parents. It's possible to survive—the husband of a friend was given only two months to live...two years ago!! I think. He's quite okay now, and I pray for more progress. I pray too the same for that co-worker/friend of my parents. As for me, I dunno what the future holds for me, but on top of my prayer list is, was, and always be: Good health!! Let's not take it for granted!

Finally, a resolution after so many years..a resolution I can actually turn into reality. Go me, 2009! And to you too.

Magazines / Nice Covers: New York Magazine

newyork love cover

KISS—Keep it short and simple (and sweet)

Source, Photo, via Magtastic Blogsplosion

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quick Thoughts / Ai Ai

Kumusta naman Ai-ai's she-tux(edo) wearing phase. I've been seen her on TV always wearing some form of lady tux. Deconstrcuted/without the other sleeve, with a tube, full, bold colors, et al.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Art & Design / Adobe CS4: The Seed Ad

Spot - Adobe Creative Suite 4 | The Seed from TimRubber on Vimeo.

Eye love. Esp when 'the seed' entered the body—my favorite part. By Goodby Silverstein & Partners for Adobe CS4

Via Design Scene
Video via TimRubber

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Random Thoughts / MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Hope you all have a super, great, wonderful, fantastic, terrific, happy, calorific, carbtastic, todo todo drink Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Random Thoughts / Christmas Wishlist 2008: Toys

A series of posts about what I want this Christmas. In random order.

This Christmas, I want:

  • Toys


  • Some toys aren't just for kids

Daniel & Geo Fuchs, 2008

Daniel & Geo Fuchs, 2008 (2)

Daniel & Geo Fuchs, 2008 (1)

Daniel & Geo Fuchs, 2008 (3)

Photos by Daniel & Geoo Fuchs (Toy Giants Exhibition, Brussels)

Source, photos, via Wallpaper*

Photo Friday / Best of 2008

Because I've missed an awful lot of Photo's three Best of 2008 photos:


1st runner up

2nd runner up

Random Photos / Birds


Magazines / Garage 3 Cover Out Now

Garage 3 soon

Photo, Garage

Art & Design / Butterflies @ Dior Homme

butterflies @ dior homme

butterflies @ dior homme

Butterflies installation by Andrea Mastrovito (Dior Homme, Paris)

Source, Photos via Wallpaper*

Magazines / Issuu Test Again


This one's better, no? I've figured it out! If you have viewing problems, let me know.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Magazines / Issuu Test


I'm testing how Issuu works..I've had this account for quite sometime but it's only now that I have actually used it. Anyway, great site, great concept. I just hope I could figure out how to embed the viewer thing.

It's supposed to two pages per spread..i think I uploaded the wrong file (saved as spreads) so it appeared like that..four pages=one spread (truck???). It's not supposed to look like that but It actually kindof looks cool that

And oh, Cyanide 2 should be out by early January..I think.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fashion & Style / Emergency

Nothing to wear? Try this one.


For side B, turn it inside out...

tshirt (1)

I love it

Via Kingdom of Style

Random Thoughts / Current Desktop


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fashion & Style / Style Sundays Mondays: 22 December 2008

I have been super busy and activity filled for the past few days (and weeks!!) I didn't have the chance (I prolly have the time just not the chance..) to post anything for the last few days. Forgive my negligence (or busynessbusyness-an).

And yesterday. I was supposed to post Style Sundays but chance would not just let me. Ask my friends, they saw me "behind the scenes" yesterday. hehe And today (!!)—I'm leaving in a few minutes (panic mode on what to wear) for Pepper Lunch. PL in Shang just opened (last Saturday) and we just have to go there. Must. Go. Now.

But I can't leave without posting this. To make up for the missed SS posts, here's not just one, but two glasses a day! but a eight (!) pics of what we have been wearing...

L-R: Dana, Kervin, Bea, Tanya, Florence, Lara

DSC_8394 DSC_1991
Florence, Kervin

DSC_8385 DSC_4012
Bea, Beatroix

DSC_7780 DSC_8416 DSC_4215
Kate, Katie, Kate, Me

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog Update / C is for Christmas (and Coco)


The holiday vacation starts today. Should have been yesterday but the teacher of my lone Thursday class (730!!) decided not to show up (didn't even tell why..the other teachers in my other classes said IN ADVANCE that we won't meet anymore) so whatevs. It's been so long since my last kindof feels strange. It feels first-day-of-school-ey. hehe

While I warm up and start posting again (read: look for notes hehe), watch Coco Rocha's video. !!!!!!. And check out her new(ish) super blog, Oh so Coco!!


Video from Cocotheguccigurl

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blog Update / So many to things to post...

__ little time. My weekends were shorter this semester because my Thursday classes end late @ 7pm. Or earlier depending on my teacher's mood. But either way, it's to late for me to travel. So much for that...

I think I'm going bananas anytime soon. Real/life/non-cyberspace related dilemmas have been making me feel crappy. And I can't stop thinking about how this blog has been deprived of any post for, how long, two weeks already I think (by now, three)?

Oh my. I haven't done any serious blogging for so long! I can already see a super holiday vacation (or staycation depending on your POV) and I'm so excited. There's just so much to do I hope I can stretch the holidays. Oh well.

Will be posting stuff soon ( or later! hehe). Watch this space.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Bwiset. Napakaunproductive na weekend. Napaka unproductive na bakasyon. Bwiset na mga planong hindi natutuloy. Bwiset na mga hindi pinalanong bagay na natutuloy. Bwiset na ma-shitty ng internet. Bwiset ng mabagal and mashitty na computer nayan—stuck ng stuck, hang nga hang, freeze ng freeze, exit ng exit. Anoba? Bwiset na mga pictures ayaw maupload. Ewan. Sayang na bakasyon yan.

Excuse me, but I'm probably having a mini-Mercury Retrograde now. Or probaly just a bad day. Or a weekend. Anyway, when things get ok-er, regular programming will go back to normal (after exams, stress, annoying people, etc. oh when will it ever end?). Good thing I have Lucy to make me laugh. And Ethel. And Ricky. And Fred. Alam mo yon?