Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blog Update / So many to things to post...

__ little time. My weekends were shorter this semester because my Thursday classes end late @ 7pm. Or earlier depending on my teacher's mood. But either way, it's to late for me to travel. So much for that...

I think I'm going bananas anytime soon. Real/life/non-cyberspace related dilemmas have been making me feel crappy. And I can't stop thinking about how this blog has been deprived of any post for, how long, two weeks already I think (by now, three)?

Oh my. I haven't done any serious blogging for so long! I can already see a super holiday vacation (or staycation depending on your POV) and I'm so excited. There's just so much to do I hope I can stretch the holidays. Oh well.

Will be posting stuff soon ( or later! hehe). Watch this space.

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  1. ed!!! xara to.. :D hmm.. i got a new blog. heheh.. finally decided this is one the things i need to write off rants. lol