Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Thoughts / Christmas Wishlist 2008: Books

A series of posts about what I want this Christmas holiday season, which I assume would run until after the new year week. Will post these things until it becomes a reality sometime after new year. :-) In random order.

This Christmas New Year, I want:

  • Books

  • Sometimes inspirations (and information!) come not only in pixels, bits and bytes; they also come in different forms that can be touched, smelled, flicked, etc. It can collect dust too.
*All prices are estimates. It varies from store to store (I saw these books at the ff stores: National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Powerbooks) and depends on how I accurate I can remember...

graphic design now, taschen
GRAPHIC DESIGN NOW by Charlotte and Peter Fiell (Taschen), P735*
Profiles, Works and samples of different artists/designers. This one tops my list because of its value and affordability. I'd gift myself with this if I don't get it..hehe (Photo/Info)

contemporary graphic design, taschen
CONTEMPORARY GRAPHIC DESIGN by Charlotte and Peter Fiell (Taschen), P2100-2500*
Basically the same book, just bigger, more shushala and has more stuff. I've been lusting for this book *thiiiiiiiiis* long. It's quite pricey but basing on what's inside, i'm sure it'd be worth it. It's so thick too; I have quite the tendency to base value on thickness and size..hehehehe (Photo/Info)

the production manual, ambrose, harris
A very useful how-to book about the print/production world for budding and young designers like me! HAHHAHAHAHAHA!! Like me my @$$! LOL. (Photo/Info)

layout book by max weber
THE LAYOUT LOOK BOOK by Max Weber (Collins Design), P1500-2000* (+/-)
A showcase of different artists' works. I get a creative kick just by looking at the super inspirational works of others. (Photo/Info)

42nd publication design annual, spd
42nd PUBLICATION DESIGN ANNUAL by SPD (Society of Publication Designers)(Rockport), P2800-3000 (+/-)
A yearbook of sorts of the publication/editorial design industry; it shows works the outstanding works of different agencies/publications during the year 2006. I have been exposed to this industry (somehow, as my parents work in that environment, although not necessarily in the design area) ever since I was a child—that is probably where I can attribute my magazine/book obsession and print fetish (hah!). Or probably I just got bitten by the design bug and it developed from there. Anyway, this is a great book with loads and loads of inspirational works, page after page after page. (The featured works were so inspirational, so inspiring that one local publication here has a work that is very similar to the one I found on this book. Hmmmm!! Tsk, tsk. This is for a separate stay tuned.) (Photo/Info)

tokyo street style by tiffany godoy
TOKYO STREET STYLE: FASHION IN HARAJUKU by Tiffany Godoy (Thames & Hudson)
Avante Garde and full tokyo fashion inspiration goodness inside. Honestly, it's not exactly the pictures and stuff that made me lust after this book—it's the design/layout/typography!! Eye love!! The cover is quite simple compared to what you'll see inside. Amazing pictures+great design+cool type=love. (Photo/Info)

style deficit disorder, tiffany godoy
The only book in this set that I haven't seen and checked out in the flesh. I've only seen this online. It's form the same creators of Tokyo Street Style so probably it's just as good (maybe even better!!) (Photo/Info, Website)

That's all for now. I want to have all the design/fashion/culture/arts/architecture/etc books in the world but we all know that is quite on the impossible side. Santa, if you're reading this, it isn't too late and I am NOT too old—email me for my address. :-)

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