Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Magazines / Issuu Test


I'm testing how Issuu works..I've had this account for quite sometime but it's only now that I have actually used it. Anyway, great site, great concept. I just hope I could figure out how to embed the viewer thing.

It's supposed to two pages per spread..i think I uploaded the wrong file (saved as spreads) so it appeared like that..four pages=one spread (truck???). It's not supposed to look like that but It actually kindof looks cool that way...no?

And oh, Cyanide 2 should be out by early January..I think.


  1. oooh. this is cooler than the new one you posted. :) it's small though.

    happy holidays!

  2. I like how this one flips..it looks more magazine-y too.but it's too small i can't make it any bigger (i guess it's the pdf file itself not the viewer??)

    belated merry christmas and advanced happy new year! (aka happy holidays! haha)