Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Thoughts / Hypochondria or Real?

I have been having back pains every now and then. Probably because of the 10-20kg baggage I lug from Silang, Cavite, to Caloocan, Metro Manila. It was okay-er then because it goes away eventually. But recently, it kindof got a little worse, especially when I'm standing too long or sitting in a wrong position. I quite don't have a stick-straight posture you know.

Then this crazy thought just hist me. OC moment. Or hypochondria much?? I quickly checked out our super outdated, 12-year-old (but still quite useful) Philippine Heath Guide book to check something out. Flick, flick..there. What if????

big c

1 - No
2 - I gave myselfa little boo-boo 2 days ago; it's quite ok now, so No. (Despite the fact that I have DM2, so thank you Lord!)
3 - None that I know of
4 - No
5 - No
6 - No
7 - No (as much as I want to! hahah of course, in the safest and healthiest way!!)
8 - Thank God, No
9 - The last time I looked at the mirror, No

But the back pain won't let me rest assured. Although at least I can say I definitely don't experience any of the said symptoms. Second check, online. Still, non. After pages and links of information, I finally decided to close this case.

Until later in the afternoon when I learned that one co-worker of my parents got a positive cancer result. Sad! And frightening for me. I don't exactly have the healthiest lifestyle here, you know. I don't get to do a lot of super duper active stuff AND I sleep late. Apparently, one of the factors was sleeping late (not so healthy system). And I am the number one crime commiter when it comes to sleeping late! OMG. I think I fainted there for one second. Hypochondria moment again. At least I eat my veggies and fruits.

Oh, Lord, please not. And bless the co-worker/friend of parents. It's possible to survive—the husband of a friend was given only two months to live...two years ago!! I think. He's quite okay now, and I pray for more progress. I pray too the same for that co-worker/friend of my parents. As for me, I dunno what the future holds for me, but on top of my prayer list is, was, and always be: Good health!! Let's not take it for granted!

Finally, a resolution after so many years..a resolution I can actually turn into reality. Go me, 2009! And to you too.

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