Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Thoughts / Needs vs Wants


Magazines, and more recently, books top my list of weaknesses. My want/need meter fails miserably and stops working whenever I try to use it with mags/books/similar things. In my trips to bookstores/magshops/stands, I've collected a lot of quick snaps of books I'm planning to buy (or in case of super expensive for my student budget stuff, just dream). Then I keep a mental note of these stuff and their prices.. If I can only have it all..

I actually wanted to buy at least a book per month but oh well, so far I've only bought one (two months ago I think). I've tried to add all my recent magazine expenses and boy, I'm quite surprised how I made it. Really, if you'll allow me to be spiritual for a sentence or two, the Big Guy above has really been doing some serious blessing here because I was able to get the stuff I have now. And still eat a decent meal three times a day. And have ok clothes to wear.

Of course, aside from constant super prayer (give Edrick his daily bread and magazines...), I have made Erasmus' super quote my mantra.

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