Thursday, October 23, 2008

Magazines / Garage August-September 2008


Congratulations to Sesame Seed Creatives for releasing a new super nice magazine, Garage! We have quite a number of style magazines locally but there's only a few that's dedicated for men. Cool editorials, smart articles, great photography, nice printing/paper—it has the things I'm looking for a magazine. And more I guess. Plus it's got stuff that I might actually buy. (Might! If i only had the time and money haha)

Hmmm. Truth to tell, I didn't fancy that big main fonts they used (see the words Manual and Agenda on the pics above). It's ok, I just didn't fancy it. BUT hello? Hello telephone?? It's just me and the darn font so there. Not a big deal, no? And just to add: Akihiro Sato is a muscle-y and big-built person so that skinny style (see photo 2nd row, left) would probably look mucho better with Ash Stymest types. hahaha LOL Seriously, I really didn't see much to disagree about.

I say...
I love it. Like I said, it has the things I want in a mag—cool editorials, smart articles, great photography, nice printing/paper. Another addition to my regular mags-to-buy list. It comes out bi-monthly. I'm wondering where the next issue is because this is the August-September issue and it's October already. Oh, wait that's a good excuse to those who don't have their copy yet—buy it now while it's still current issue! hehe

THIS JUST IN! Garage 2 will be out next week but the cover is out online na! Click here!


  1. hi! nice blog u got here! garage is indeed great and interesting. I hope they can keep it up. Check out men's health philippines' style page. very good styling as well. just a tip. looking forward to more of your reviews. ciao~!

  2. wow thanks!! :-)
    i would buy menshealth if only my budget would allow me. hehe i actually have a few (old isssues)in possession and i find it nice and cool. probably in the future. (i'd settle for the US newsletter version for now hehehe)

  3. i wasn't able to buy this purely goodness magazine!!

    nice blog though :))