Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blog Updates / Excuse the silence...


Finally, a blog post again after 10,582 years. I actually don't know where to start. Oh well, let's just say I'm a slave of time and circumstances. haha I have the materials ready to be posted (heck, i've prepared the pictures weeks ago) I just didn't find the chance and time to do it. Maybe if I have 24/7 unlimited fast internet connection,a faster machine and 1tb drive? haha In reality, I only have a neanderthaltasticly slow lappy, tons of jobs piling up, and some extra time (spent mostly catching up some sleep). And oh, school stuff too—I prioritized things and thought the blog posts, etc could wait. hehe

I still have a few few stuff to finish but things are slightly better now. I guess.

The September mags preview/review will be posted either as a 'mag that was' post or with the current issue.

Yayay! Sembreak starts today.

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