Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Random Thoughts / The kind of store I want to have in the future*


So many magazines!

Anyway. Sembreak happened so friggin fast I didn't feel much of it. 1/4 of the time I spent doing school stuff (last requirements, enrollment), 2/4 trying to read new stuff on my reader and finishing my own blog posts (which I only finished half) and the rest trying to do sembreak stuff we planned to do (e.g a quick shoot, cubao x, tv, movies, etc).

Being the penny pincher that I am, I don't want to spend much on internet again (as I have a lot of mag bills to pay hahaha. and more coming!) so I'll just finish the posts maybe this weekend. (Really, I'm saving up for the book/s I've been lusting for weeks, no months!) I have the pics up so you might want to go ahead—click here or here.


Video: here, here

*If that happens, I think I want it to be in Cubao Expo. hehe Wala lang.

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