Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stuff I've been thinking...Web Conundrums

It's weekend and I should've posted a thing or two but, hohwell, there's been a lot of things running in my mind recently. I've got a lot of stuff to share here but. I've been preparing stuff to make a little face lift here at the Happy Lab..and well..if you've noticed, the blog dimensions got bigger. That's a start! I quite have learned a lot of html/web tips/tricks but I still have a lot to learn! I still don't have a proper image host and a I want the 'jump' thing, so that I could hide a part of my post, that kind of stuff. The jump thing can wait, but the image hosting cannot! When I read about Chuva's post on flickr (read it here), I got so so stressed as to what to do and where to transfer the stuff. Well, I get anxious and stressed out with just about anything! Even the strange whirring sound of my scanner makes me nervous and anxious that there might be a problem.

Anyway, so there. I'm still figuring out where to host my pics, somewhere I can host long term, until I'm legit and ok enough to pay..hehe. Any sugestions? Here are my options:
  • Blogger/Picasa—a GB of space but with blogger, I can images show up only as big (or small) as 400px wide. And with picasa, an image directs you to its page, Flickr style. I want at least 600px wideand it should direct to its own url not a page (get it?) so you can save it or see a bigger version probably.
  • Flickr—I love it because it is so easy to use! But I can only post my own pics so..yeah
  • Multiply—almost! If not for that unsightly logo/watermark at the lower right corner. It's quite fair and ok but, not all the time esp. when I post pictures of magazines, covers, and the likes
  • Photobucket—well, I just fear that I might someday use up all that storage and be in a crossroad gain. Plus the bandwidth stuff. (i know i know, i don't post as much and have as much hits but, these things bother me heheh)
  • ImageVenue—never used it before but I see it in TFS and it seems ok. But a GB of paid space?
What do you think? Any advice or comment will be much appreciated. :-)

In the meantime (or for a long time probably until I cross another crossroad, options, whatever) I'd use Flickr and Multiply and Photbucket.

Should I fianlly decide to get a decent host and pay, it has to be super sure, and only one service provider at a time. It's only now that I've considered paying for stuff like these because as said earlier, I wanted something long term. But not that I would do it anytime soon...with my student budget, my student schedule, my other priorities (read: things to buy)/my love for magazines and any other printed publications out there, it's quite not so happening. YET! hehe And besides, I don't have much readers anyway (yet?) so... hehehehehe

Not just a face lift! I have some stuff coming up, not just here (!), so, stay tuned :-)
And, yeah, thanks for reading my blog :-)


  1. try zooomr. unlimited hosting, free. :D

  2. no problem! so how did zooomr turn out? :D btw, i am so not used to leaving comments on blogs, so excuse the anonymity. LOL.

  3. i have been quite busy the past weeks/days, so that explains the slow posting and a reply a week after. hahaha it's good! i think i like it. it's like, er, a complicated version of flickr. :-p and for somebody who's not used to commenting, thanks for the tip! :-)