Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Off Piste's was brought to you by...

view the event...again..


...tandadan..Alfie of Activenture! I supposed you (yes, you?) wouldn't bother reading my Off Piste entry again if i edit it so, here, another Off Piste entry. hehe Let's give Mr. Alfie and Co. of Activenture a round of applause for making the event possible! hwoohoo! :-D They were not able to start on time because the projectors were not aligned the night before; it rained hard until the sun came up. Actually, i it wasn't my, ahem, birthday (haha) then, i wouldn't have minded, hehehe. And besides, how would we enjoy the projector super show if they started @ 6pm? It was still sortof bright then. Anyway, the super event was really nice naman, so, super bawi!

The rest of the Off Piste magicians...

Team Manila (Mon Punzalan and Joey Alviar) *clap clap*
Robo Monkey Pixel Fighters (Jonas Diego, Laya Florendo) *clap clap*
Robert Quilao of Cutting Edge Productions *clap clap*

I'm looking forward to go to future super events like this! :-)


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