Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nescafe ad—"Freshman"


Finally! This was on my list-of-stuff-to-blog-but-i-can't-yet because i can't find a video then..'s here! I thought it was a foreign TV ad until probably on the 4-5th time watching it, I saw the really familiar halls and staircase there..and a jeep! The 3D animation/effects were really nice and cool.. And now..the people responsible for this wow ad:

Agency: Publicis Manila
Creative Director: JJ Henson
Art Director: Dan Sanchez, Mike Talampas
Copywriter: Mike Chua
Production House: UNITEL Productions Inc.
Product: NESCAFE 3 in 1
Advertiser: Nestle Philippines
Producer: Babes Reyes
Director: Matthew Rosen
Colorist: The Post, Bangkok
Visual Effects: 422, United Kingdom

Mm, the visual effects are by 422 UK..I thought it was made by Filipinos? hehe If it was, I hope they crash course Big Brother style (without the cameras ha) the effects people of our local shows so we could finally breath some fresh air of world class graphics. I mean come on, 98.999% of our local TV shows with graphics, especially the fantasy shows make effects like it's..1989?? Right?? hehe Sorry but that's what I think! There *some* good sfx here and there but...Oh well oh well..

In the end..I think it is a class ad! hehe Quality wise. Idea-wise, I think it still is nice (and class!). It's exactly what was going on in my mind when I first entered college. (Or any level for that matter) Hokay.....what do you think? Alien..elyen...hoohooo. :-)

Video from Danpotpogi

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