Monday, June 9, 2008

Weng Weng

wang weng


I don't know why, but I have some strange fascination for 70's-80's culture. I find it strange and at the same time amusing! I can go all day defending explaining why/whatever but, well, that would take all day. haha Anyway, In the recent entry of Chuvaness, she featured Weng Weng. I didn't bother to watch the video because we had a photoshoot (!) yesterday and the day was really draining. hehe 2-3 entries later, most of the readers' icons changed and I started wondering WWWWH it is!! It's Weng Weng!! I didn't know him until now. Probably, I've seen him in movies before, but I guess I was too young to recognize or rememeber him. He's so well known, he even has a Wikipedia entry, and a French mini website!! hehe WHen i saw Weng Wng..i kind of though of these two people Palito and Kokey. hehe He looks like a midget version of Palito and a tamer version of Kokey (that hydrocephalic burn victim alien, according to Inday), no?


Kokey (L)

Strange...but Cute! Happy Weng Weng day! Now, I have a new SMS alert tone. :-}

PS Read this Aussie Filmaker's blog, Andrew Leavold and see how Weng Weng turned a fascination into a ten-year obsession. hehe

Weng Weng photo / Source
Kokey photo / Source
Palito photo / Source
Videos from Nostalgia Manila Youtube Channel/Blog, Reverend00Flasher
Related / Chuvaness, Andrew Leavold

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