Thursday, June 5, 2008

Japan Home Center

Japan Home Center Store @ TriNoMa, QC

I love this store. Athough more less 80% of my purchases and expenses involve magazines, I still set aside some money to buy myself something, erm, non-magazine. hehe This store is full of crap useful and beautiful, although sometimes, quite novel things you never thought you'd need. Need? Or want. I just love stores that make you go "wtheck is this??"

Chocoloate texture (or whatever you call it) clear files/books. I bought one before and used it as my porfolio filer. But my teacher still has it. Hmm, I should get it back, no? These are way better than those boring and plai clear books; it even has a cd jacket inside, say, for a cd version of whatever you put there.

Organizers and corkboards. I better get one—I want a mood board.

Hello kitty plastic. The instructions were in japanese, so I was like wtheck. I just assumed this as a plastic bag. You know, supot?? Everything is 88 pesos inside, except for a select few—the ones with 55 peso tags. But P88 for supot?

Another set of knick-knack containers

And now, the WTH portion...

WTH? Oddly-shaped sponge set. For painting (art effect) perhaps? or makeup? or for the dishes? ngek

WTH? Super inexpensive speakers! I'm pretty sure though that this would sound tinny and canny (read: lata) hehe. But for P88, consider this as a toy. Or office supply that the boss (and office mates) would either hate or love. Or confiscate-able school item. Or tool for pranks.

WTH? I vant! Ala cellphone housing like it's 2000.

WTH? I need. Maybe.

WTH? Based on the illustration, it is used to cover the scratches on wood like tables or doors. This one wins the wildest imagination award.

My favorite item...tandadadan..

I should have bought two. Or three! I can't find these orange traffic/road thing anymore. Hardware perhaps? Not. I want the same thing—size color look and feel. And price!! Sorry if I had to make an appearance here..I should've covered my face ala thebaghag. hehe

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  1. oh i love that store too. lots of cute little things. ang saya manghula kung para saan ung mga weird devices.