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Philippine Fashion Week 2008

Beautiful photography of Lawrence Antaran during Philippine Fashion Week 08. Thanks for the pics! :- )

Here are my top picks and favorites from the Philippine Fashion Week, which happened early June, 2008. Just a disclaimer though—these are not necessarily the ‘best’ among the rest (I’m no fashion genius reviewer Suzy-Cathy-level or something) and, also, this is not a hardcore fashion review or something, so there. Hehe …Not that you would not take this seriously though. Just take this as a ‘male opinion’ on fashion, or more specifically, womenswear. Although there were men’s pieces here and there, I really didn’t see much menswear on the collections. It won’t hurt to hear some ‘male opinion’ on womenswear, right?? Anyway, it is us who you dress for (just kidding!) would appreciate (or to some, judge??) how you look overall—besides from you of course. And your seat mate probably. And your girl friends. And your frenemies. Hehe

I checked on Clickthecity's galleries just now and they have the menswear photos up (6/17)! I'll check it out and see..and make a part 2 of this post..later. B-)

Also, because I didn’t ‘actually’ attend the whole thing and I just got most of my pics/PFW stuff here, I cannot identify whose collection these are—designers or otherwise. If you have info on the following stuff, just let me know so I can credit it!! hehe

Hwoooh…inspirations….Let’s start!!
(Click to see details/enlarge photos)

+From the New Generation collections (Alodia Cecilia, Anna Lean Salvador, Ciege Cagalawan, Dax Bayani, Gerswin Qua, Gionna Cabrera, Gretchen Pichay, Lizanne Cua, Marc Rancy, Nikki Sonico, Patrick Galang and Prisara Morales):

Oh, look at those prints! Although I cannot really understand those spiky legwear (1st and 4th, left) Neutral shades…nice and earthy…

I like the geometry of the dresses 1-4, from left. The first one is Mondrian-ish, no? The next 3 pairs..mm, I just liked the aesthetics.. Nice jewel tone (right??) on the 3-4th (from right) although I don’t understand why the model had to carry the bag so awkwardly. Or is it the one being presented??

+From the Design Fusion collections (Benjie Panizales, Butz Fuentes, Catherine Cavilte, Czarina Villa, Emi-Alexander Englis, Happy Andrada, Jerome Lorico, Nholie Pilapil, Nicky Martinez, Noe Reyes, Nolle Vineza and Ronan Opina):

The most interesting menswear I’ve seen from the whole batch (1-3rd from left)! It’s something I would wear during takutan days (read: avant garde-y). Or on normal days too, probably. Look at the print (middle)! That’s Bella Flores, right?? (a local Filipina actress) I loyk! These super red/dark pieces (1-3rd from right) remind me of one of the 7 deadly sins..hmmm hehe

Do I see Shrek or Durian here?? Joke! (1-3rd from left) Cute shapes (or is that silhouette??)! It’s just looks two durian-ey and Shrek-y. But still kawaii. Hehe Interesting pieces (middle)..but it quite looks like..hmmm..McQueen much? Or Lanvin much? Hehe Nice details!! (1-3rd from right) For me, it looks fishy—but not in a bad or Gaultier-y way! :-)

+From the Luxe Wear Collection A (Aldrich Aparicio, Arnold Galang, Chris Diaz, Dimple Lim, Jay Sustiguer, John Paras, Melvin Lachica, Mich Duice, Mitzi Quilendrino-Bustos, Pencil Diestra, Reian Mata, Renee Salud, Rolando Lirio and Shanon Pamaong):

Monochromatic colors and geometry! The details on looks 1-6th from left are really interesting. IMO, looks 2-4th (from right/middle) are something you would see in streets of, Helsinki, no? hehe The colored/print look (right) looks nice too. Are those fold-like details intentional or not? Either way, I think it looks ok!

From monochromatic to a burst of color!! Isn’t it inspiring? Even exciting? Hehe I don’t understand why Yohji Yamamoto doesn’t like color (or Karl sometimes, although I still like them). Mmmm, do I have to tell which international collections these pieces seem to be inspired from? Hehe It may or may not be ‘inspired from’ though…but look at the next picture:

Super come on!! Tadadadan, dadadadan??!! Read Bryanboy’s thoughts about it here. Yes, you can be inspired from other designers, houses, or anything, but, this much? Looks like somebody had way to much Prada SS08..hehe

So there you have it! :-)

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Top Picture from FoBlow
All Runway pictures, from Clickthecity.com (Ian Ong)
Prada Runway pictures, from NYMag (Imaxtree)
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I still have a few ‘fasyon’ posts, as in fasyon shows/collections to come (one post long overdue hehe) so stay tuned :-) Thanks!!

Plus, men's shows are coming, next week right?

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