Monday, June 2, 2008

Preview June 2008

Preview June 2008

Gatefold Cover.
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I don't know what to say! First off, I have to congratulate Preview for this super wonderful terrific super Prada gatefold cover. And Happy Anniversary! But why. Why them?? Hehe I'm sorry but, IMRRSHO, Ria B or Ana S or somebody else could've rocked and worked these super Prada Fairy collection clothes and shoes. Or if I have to choose one or two, maybe I'd go for Kim Chiu and/or Carla Humphries. Yes! Magazine helped Preview compile a list of covergirls. According to Preview/Yes!, these are these up and coming superstars we have to watch out for. Nice. But come on. I'm wondering if some of these girls know what they are wearing, how major these clothes are. Haha JKJK Do you think these are the same clothes on Sasha's body? Or Lara's? Or Stam's?

On the contributors' page they were asked the following questions. Can I answer it too?? ;-]
My Wish for Preview: a Raquel Zimmerman Cover or Ana Sideco in Balenciaga SS08?? hehe More more more clothes editorials pages success. And a men's section! Two of your contributors wished for the same thing. Preview Homme?
When I think of preview, I think of: LOVE hahaha :-D

Super good job Preview for at least Previewfying these girls—super! At least they never fail me, visually and creativity-ly speaking. Good thing everything inside is really a super treat. Bawing-bawi! If not for the cover girl choices, I can probably say that this is the best Cover and Best issue so far. Best issue? Here's why:

Ana Sideco again! Yay! Oh, just imagine if this was the cover. That hair, illustration, and the prada clothes. And oh, Preview should get the best in tanning award already! hehe

Creative genuises! They always outdo themselves every issue. And hooray for Auggie Fontanilla for those super illustrations (Wonder Wall). These really made up for...hehe. Preview is super ready for the world. They should distribute internationally! Haha

Other magazines who used Prada for their covers:

From L-R: Japanese Vogue, Korean Vogue, French Vogue. If I'm not mistaken, these are all March 2008 covers. The Korean Vogue cover looks like the March 08 Preview. Nice!!

On the red corner..Preview! And on the blue corner...Vogue Korea!

Maja Salvador vs. Doutzen Kroes

Han Hye Jin vs. Yasmien Kurdi

What do you think?



Vogue Photos from TFS / Kanna @ TFS / hfgl @ TFS
Preview Cover Photographed by Mark Nicdao; Cover Ed by Jake Versoza; Wonderwall Ed photographed by Charles Buenconsejo

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  1. yasmien rocks!di nakakaumay!di nakakasawa ang beauty!di pa plastik!like alessandra d.r.!