Sunday, July 5, 2009

Random Thoughts / When old is in

Earlier this morning was one of those few times wherein I'd listen to the radio. And FM radio at that. (I have a strange fascination and interest with AM) I'd only listen to two stations (92.3 and 98.7) and if I don't like whatever is playing, I'd just browse quickly or I'd just turn it off.

Anyway, I got to listen to the statement of this DJ from 89.9 (Magic? I don't know, I forgot). S/he (can't tell) was wondering why some people would complain with technological advancements and like why don't we just adapt and accept. Her/His example was why do we still weave when we can use fast and efficient sewing machines? S/he thought it was kind of stupid to not embrace the future. (Not the exact words but, you get the point).

Well, excuse me but I think it is just as stupid to toss the past just for the future. Or the present. While there are some things from the past that are worth tossing (i.e. unprotected sex, family life sans family planning—kumusta na and RH bill?), we still have a lot of to save like yes, weaving. I guess this is why our culture is not as rich or not as well preserved as other countries. We have people who think that the past is just past and the only things that matter today are the new ones. Yes, we should embrace current advancements and try to improve our standards of living but as said earlier, there are things worth keeping. Weaving especially in the provinces is IMHO fine art. We also have the dying art of pastillas wrapper making. And couture—innit age old? Let me quote something from the curator's letter of Chito Vijandre and Ricky Toledo in Flow 3:

"Many aspects of our culture have been lost in memory, some recorded but already disintegrating, some handed down like in the form of craft but disappearing fast as the new generation opts for easier and more lucrative pursuits. Heritage is endangered—an inconvenient truth, just like the state of our environment and natural resources. They have been treated as negligible details in the rush for "progress" (ed's note: ahem, ahem). But if our planet should advance or even survive, there is an urgent need to save what is being lost at an alarming rate."

Of course I know that everybody is entitled to their opinion, no. But I think it'd be nice if we'd think twice, nay thrice about what we say and think. Especially if we have a radio show with lots of listeners. And opinionated listeners with blogs at that. So there, my 10 cents'.

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