Monday, July 20, 2009

On Your Bookmarks / Doki-doki Links! 19 July 2009

pudding packagingsky vending machine 
buamai nice birthday present

1. Several package design variations of a single product, iLike. One each, please! via the Dieline
2. Yoko Ono’s super nice tweet.
3. Inspirational work from Buamai.
4. A different kind of birthday party, here. How kind. Bravo!

romkafriday fonts  
premiere issues office in the woods

5. Romka, an newfound (for me) online zine.
6. Fridayfonts, home of inspirational and experimental typefaces.
7. Looking for covers of a mag’s premiere issue? See lots here!
8. An office in the middle of the woods? Yes, Please.

covers blog wall-e end credits
tomi a tomi b

9. Covers, a blog of hand-drawn mag covers. iLove!
10. Awesome Wall-e end credits animation via the Rogue Blog. And I thought I was alone! When we watched Wall-e, I was glued till the end (as in most movies I watch…). Usually, the end credit animation/soundtrack is the icing in the movie cake so I always stick around till the end and watch for surprises, hehe.
11, 12. Tomislav Zidar’s super wonderful little things. Can I have one, please? hehe via Sonnyphotos.

dazed aug 09 eat sleep draw
procastination  alphabet keychain via grain edit

13. A very magazine-y cover: Dazed and Confused August 2009. via the Fashionisto.
14. Eat. Sleep. Draw. A friend’s work has been featured there recently. Nice works. via MCHNGN
15. Overcoming procrastination. Must read….later. hehe
16. Cute alphabet keychains, one each, please, thankyouverymuch.

graphic design referenced a graphic design referenced b
creative spaces via dazed digital old manila

17, 18. Graphic Design Referenced, come to papa!!
19. Organized chaos is what I call this. Almost like my room, except that I have less. For now. via Dazed Digital
20. Experience old 1930s Manila. iLove! According to, it is when “Manila looked like Paris”. Where did this go??? What happened?? I want it back, hay. via


  1. haha. yoko cracked me up. maybe she's referring to Sky? as in the vodka? LOL.

  2. @mike: LOL!!

    @eatsleepdraw: :-)!

  3. I love ze hand-drawn covers!!! ay have u seen the new Preview? Parang meh. Kapangitan Festival... Your thoughts!

  4. @thyzs: online lang, onga no parnag meh. hmm. we'll see. as usual, preview's not yet at the stands. haha at least in my area.