Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random Thoughts / Week in Review: 12-18 July 2009


↑ DEATHMARCH. Monday. At the terminal. Waiting. Strike. No jeep/tric/whatsoever.  Hitching would cost me mucho more than what is humanly possible. So me having mush for mind decided to walk. Walkathon plus weightlifting (my bags A, B & C). From the terminal to my school. No idea how long (see google map above or here). There isn't much to say except that it was farking exhausting and I overworked my favorite torture shoes (of which I brought/used thinking there wouldn't be much walking. I know.). And yes, stress + stores don't go well together because retail therapy is, as always, the number one excuse for yet another purchase. Ah, well, at least I have Alice now.






↑ TFCness PART DEUX. And flex I did; remember last week's wish to have together time with the balikbayan? Yay!, cause I didn't quite expect that I'd be seeing him again. It wasn't the bestest bestest best meeting (it was quick, it was raining, and the dreaded epistaxis happened hehe and oh yes, plus something me and my brother only knows and can't tell cause I swore, sorts, to secrecy hehe) but it was ok anyway. Had lunch at Jolibee; I thought it is not as ubiquitous in the states as it is here so it'd be nice to bring our the balikbayan there for lunch. I'm not a Jolibee person but thanks to my several unplanned visits there recently, I think I'm a convert. hehe Now, I'm craving for Chickenjoy!! PS: I didn’t know you cannot photograph those stuff toy machines at Timezone? We went there (with our TFC relative, of course) last week and as I was shooting those things, I was told by a security guard not to take photos (unless I had a permit, he said). Oh well. → More photos here.


↑ SKETCHES. 25 down, 75 more to go.

↑ NEW! Remember the new lib books I wrote about before? I thought they would be able to have all the books ready after a week of cataloguing, etc, but alas, I have seen little to no new stuff yet. But by the end of the week, I saw a few: a couple of art reference books and the book above. I'm the visual sort of person so at first glance, seeing the sea of words and texts, I ditched the book (nevermind if its cover is quite exciting, magazines eh!). But upon skimming and scanning I thought I'd give it a shot. Guess what, I loved it! Nice essays, interviews, stories and lotsa gems and bits and pieces from industry insiders. Tips, tricks, etc, it's there. I’m so reading the whole thing (will post a few quotes when I find time).

↑ AT KORO FILIPINO. Bea invited us, her friends to come to the KORO FILIPINO concert at Philamlife Auditorium last night; I went there with Kervin. It's a concert of different choirs, all of which are members of Koro Filipino/Philippine Choral Guild. She's with Servi Domini. It's not always that I'd spend for non-magazine/non-book/non-food stuff but this being something cultural and of course, superfriend event related, I said yes when she asked me during the week. And what a nice nice nice night it was. We see each other quite regularly but superfriend moments like this don't happen everyday. I'm glad I went, hehe. Hey, till our next "grown-up" event, ok!! → More photos here.


  1. natio at evotech! ganda dun noh? aish... dapat balik ako sta. rosa.

  2. yes! it's a ghost town there though (at least for now!), parang sayang ang kuryente hahaha