Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random Thoughts / (Last) Week in Review: 28 June – 4 July 2009

DSC_3487x DSC_3210x

↑ ROOM WITH A VIEW…Of trees and skies…and construction work. I only have more less two weeks till the first deadlines (one, as of uh, press time) and I haven’t even started much work yet. The noise outside distracts me (noise and then some, ahem ahem..). I guess I'd just have to double triple my dose of patience and focus pills. Hmm.

DSC_3392x DSC_3372x DSC_3364x DSC_3331x ↑ TAGAYTAY DAY OUT. Ma’am Ann, Xara, Joan and I went to Tagaytay to check out Java Jazz—this gallery/café place where we’re planning to set up an exhibit sometime in August. It was nice; I liked it. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for places with wooden floors, hehe. → More photos here.

DSC_3299x DSC_3286x

↑ UK DAY. As in thrifting, in colloquial terms. It’s been 32,309,583 months a long time since I sailed through an ocean of fabric and plastic hangers. I picked up a handful of tips from Xara and Ma’am Ann who were, IMHO, ukay pros, hahaha. I got a few pieces for me and my friends but there were stuff that had to be left. I was waaay over my intended budget PLUS I had a SPENDING BAN prior to that trip hahaha. Oh well. → More photos here.


↑ EXCESS BAGGAGE. I think I need some serious baggage editing. I’ve carried different bags already (in the span of three years of weekending) but one thing remained constant: its weight. I have a separate bag for my cam, my books,my laptop, my mags (important!) and my clothes (which takes up the least space believe it or not). Maybe sometime I’ll try to leave 2/3 of my usual baggage. At least before I graduate. Nako, goodluck!

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