Sunday, January 20, 2008

Preview Magazine Jan-Feb 2008 (Plus the Best of Preview, 2007!)

Preview 08 (1-2)
Preview Jan-Feb 2008

I've been reading Preview Magazine since, I think 2006, but it's just this 2007 that I got so into it. Every issue is filled with really creative ideas and super inspiration that will surely make any art art person excited! Oh, well, i dunno about you, but it does make me excited. 2007 had been a great Preview year, and i think, 2008 will be better. Just look at this year's maiden issue. Actually, it took a while (almost two weeks I think) for it to hit the stands, but the wait was surely worth it. They had major changes, and these changes were actually good. Ohyeah! Get one now, it'd make your heart go doki-doki! :-]

Here's a preview of Preview (excuse the pun hehe):
Click the images for a larger view

[1] State of Grace, Marian Rivera / Photography: Jake Versoza
[2] Full Bloom / Photography: Paolo Pineda / Model: Natasha Heal
[3] Block Buster / Photography: Charles Lu / Model: Alyssa
[6] Print à Porter / Photography: Paolo Pineda / Models: Grendel Alvarado, Brenda Ariola, Kristine Bernal, Sarah Kae Custodio, Jade Dy, Samantha Lewis

And now, the Best of Preview, 2007! Tada!

Best Cover(s)

[L] June 2007, Celine Lopez / Photography: Jeanne Young
[R] November 2007, Kris Aquino / Photography: Mark Nicdao

Best Editorials
Note: It's so hard to select and narrow everything down to a few; this is the best selection i could make, so there. These are the ones that, i think, really stood out and made lasting impressions (to me at least). An oh, this is not official or advertsing or anything.Did i say everything i had to say?? Ok, that'd be enough disclaimer falalalala ok? hehehe enjoy!

[01] The Body Electric, Preview March 2007 / Photography: Paolo Pineda / Model: Ana Sideco
[04] Shock Value, Preview April 2007 / Photography: Paolo Pineda / Model: Ana Sideco
[07] Island Girl, Preview June 2007 / Photography: Paolo Pineda / Model: Ana Sideco
[12] High Street, Preview October 2007 / Photography: Juan Caguicla
[14] Bittersweet Symphony, Preview November 2007 / Photography: Jake Versoza / Model: Mariana del Rio
[16] Fowl Play, Preview November 2007 / Photography: Frank Hoefsmit / Model: Cintia Rosa

Hooyeah! Yay--hooray for the Preview staff.
I tell you, this is more than just fasyon fasyon--it's super inspiration! It's not just for fashion people--art people, conceptual people, happy people, people people, etc could benefit something from this. Now, if they would only include a 'Preview man' or 'Preview Homme' section. Hehehe

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