Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No V for me (unless...)

My lola/ninang just arrived today...to bring sad news. She didn't find V52. :-( She said that there are no newsstands, bookstores, and the like in the Loma Linda area. Too bad. There's no V52 for me unless...I contact my friend in NY and ask her to get it for me and send it here. But--that would take a lot of time (and money) I might just check out the stores here. Magnet maybe?

On the lighter side, I learned (via http://gloriouspopstar.blogspot.com/) that Imagine mag's theme for the issue 2 (coming this April) is "the future". I'm so excited! He said..
For the most part of January, I made myself busy working on this fashion editorial for the second issue of Imagine magazine. Imagine is a new fashion and art magazine that comes out three times a year here in Manila. The second issue has the overall theme "future," which is to be interepreted by different artists, stylists and photographers. I finally got to see jpeg copies of my shoot last week and I'm happy. It wasn't what I was expecting but I'm not dissapointed.
Continue reading the entry and you'll read that...
So anyway... The RTW press samples from Louis Vuitton's SS08 line are here in Manila now! **scream!!** I can't wait to shoot them! Cannot wait at all! :D Here are a couple looks I like that are here until next week. I loves the skirts!
That is big news. Yay! / Source

For those who live in the Philippines and still don't have an idea what Imagine is, click me. Where have you been lately? A cave perhaps? lol Joke.

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