Sunday, March 2, 2008

SM's Biodegradable Plastic Bags

SM Biodegradable Plastic
Biodegradable Plastic for real

Eco bags, make way for the "more eco" bags--the SM Biodegradable plastic bags! Hooray for SM for coming up with this thing. Although i won't fully ditch and store away that trusty (and quite trendy) eco bag, but at least the guilt is gone everytime you buy something--in SM of course. I read about this in the paper last week and it said that it would turn into powder/decompost in soil/dirt after several weeks. It also has zero lead and metal contents. I forgot the exact info but the thing is, this is super eco friendly because after some time, it would decompost and return back to the ground. If you can still find your February 25 edition of Philippine Daily Inquirer, the article is there. Oh well, i hope SM would share the concept/idea to others and not keep this for themselves--although this is quite malabo because this bio-plastic thing might be a marketing gimmick to attract more customers (esp. the eco-concious ones).

biodegradable sm plastic
The newspaper article on PDI...

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