Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Anna Beatriz!

Not Barros. Hahaha jk. Well, it's kind of late; I should've posted this earlier (her birthday is March 15th, yeterday). But whatevs. I just want to make a tribute post of sorts for her. (Bea, Part 1 of my Gift--the next [real and live tilapia jk] one follows. ok?)

Happy Bday my chica friend! hihihi





I can see your toes! haha yeah, yeah. She wore those still because she said opaque tights might not look appropriate for church.


She said that this strawberry nail is not much her original idea--she got it from an equally stylist/chica/fasyon girl in LRT. Everyone influences everyone somehow, right? It's so cute--so nice!

strawberry nails

Happy birthday again!

Some pics from our intimate gathering aka party.

Surprise surprise surprise!

Look at me, extreme left. Classic! The party hat dropped and I tried to catch it. So funny!

Yummy! Sansrival! No Rival!
We also had Chicken Jay Alexander. yum! Ms Jay hahaha

My really pathetic-looking-homemade-but-yummy cake. And that's melted marshmallow. Yum!

More pics from her pah-tee pah-tee and food fest HERE.

And Oh, I just want to include Kervin--our other partner in crime. Thanks for the bag--will blog about it later. Haha! Oh, we have to photoshoot na. Asap!


  1. whoa, im here! yes let's photoshoot! thanks drick.

  2. yes! onga. yes! this week..?? or next.