Sunday, March 2, 2008

Buy Big! Save Your Money and Your Environment

Buy Big (Click to enlarge)

It's about time they campaigned for this. Let's all buy big! Buying big hits the two proverbial birds with one stone. Not only you save money (in the long run), you are also saving the enviroment (from plastic clogging/overload doom! *evil laugh*). How you may ask? Well, x years ago, manufacturers made mini versions of their products, probably inspired from the "tingi" system of the ubiquitous (and uniquely pinoy) sari-sari stores. The usual sachets got smaller. Shampoos in bottles seemed impractical and inconvinient, so they came in smaller sachets. Oh, yes, it's definitely much more convinient but the dangers of the waste it produces is just not worth the risk. One product after another, making "tingi" or smaller versions of their products. If you add all the small "tingi" things you bought, you might be surprised that you spent more. You could've saved a lot if you bought big. Ads about this whole "buy big" thing are everywhere--TV, print, billboard. On your next trip to the grocery, just "buy big", as they say, and save the day! Just save the small "tingi" version for trips and travels.

Buy Big 2
The Graph showing how much you save when you 'buy big'

On the other hand, haven't you noticed on newspapers this advertising style? (The frontpage of MB on the photo above is just an ad. The next page after that is the real front page) The whole frontpage as ad spot? Hmmmm. I have mixed thoughts on this. It's nice, on the advertisers part because it's the super prime spot--the front page. It is what people would read first. But on the consumer/readers part, i dunno. Ads nowadays pop up from the strangest places, i think.

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