Monday, March 17, 2008

Martin Margiela's L'incognito Sunglasses

L'incognito by MM. Photo from Trashbagaesthetics

I want. I still love wayfarers just the same but this one is really different. I saw this first in Bryanboy's blog (last year pa?!). I just hope the black market won't see and reproduce this. I'd rather have this not than see this produced by the millions and sold in 168 and Tutuban and who knows where for 100 a piece and see everybody wearing it. (Don't get me wrong, I love 168--i just hate it when they sell really cool stuff--super mass produced cool stuff--and poof cool becomes uncool na). They probably don't even know that it's the Martin Margiela L'Incognito sunglasses! / Source


  1. i want one! btw, have you seen ysl fall 08? they have sunglasses like these. thinner ones though.

  2. oh you made an account pa just to comment? aww. hehe i turned on the anonymous commenting pa naman. hehe

    anyway, not yet. but i will! as soon as i get my to-dos sone. hehe