Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Popular Science March 2008

Popsci mag March 2008

I guess I'm not unlucky afterall. I got this instead of VMag (which BTW I might still get thanks to them balikbayans and their boxes). Actually, I got 5, so, pwede na. I love technology/gadgets/etc as much as i love art/fashion/design/etc. This magazine is not just a source of information, it also has inspiration inside! Like their monthly section called 'Megapixels'--they show pictures of the strangest and most interesting things (e.g. a close up of an animal's mouth,say a fish, as in way close up super close up). If you have it, turn to page 84 (why are some people squeamish to see blood while others are not). I love that they explain the weirdest and strangest things in the funniest and wittiest (word?) way.

I will now put it (temporarily) in my magbag made by Kervin. I love it! He's making really nice stuff (since day one) and, really, we should make more. And A blog (for it) probably? Watch out for it. Soon? Kervin are you reading this? hehe.

Closed version

PS Thanks to Tita Mercy for sending those magazines. Yay!
PSS Thanks for the Magbag kervin! :-)

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